If you want to know the what, when, where, how … and maybe even why – then our FAQs have the answers for you!

Zuschauerraum des Nationaltheaters (Foto: Wilfried Hösl)
Zuschauerraum des Nationaltheaters (Foto: Wilfried Hösl)

Evening Box Office

When does the evening box office open?

The evening box office opens an hour before the start of the performance.

Where is the evening box office?

The evening box office is at the venue of the respective performance.

Where is the day box office?

The Bayerischen Staatsoper and Bayerischen Staatsballett day box office is located in the reception area of the Staatsoper’s rehearsal and administrative buildings at Marstallplatz 5, 80539 Munich.

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What is the telephone number for the Subscription Department?

  • T +49.(0)89.21 85 19 30
  • F +49.(0)89.21 85 19 03

Where can I extend my subscription?

Subscriptions are extended automatically to the next season, unless a written notification is received by the 15th of April of the current season.

Further information is available here


The Nationaltheater is located at the Max-Joseph-Platz 2. It can easily accessed by car and public transport. A map and further information can be found here.

Legal Responsibility

The Bayerische Staatsoper wavers all legal responsibility for the care and supervision of children and young people, who attend events organised by the Children and Young People Programme without their parents or guardians. The Staatsoper holds the right to exclude children and young people who attend a performance alone without adult supervision, when it is clear that they are unable to attend the performance due to their age and maturity.


Where is the Staatsballett? Where are the administrative offices located?

The offices of the Bayerische Staatsballetts can be found near the Nationaltheater at Platzl 7, 80539 Munich.

Bayerische Staatsoper

What is the difference between the “Bayerische Staatsoper” and the “Nationaltheater”?

The term “Bayerische Staatsoper” refers to the “company”, the ensemble, the people who may perform at the various performances. So, as well as the Nationaltheater, the Bayerische Staatsoper also plays at the Prinzregenthetheater, the Cuvilliés-Theater or as guest players in Japan.

The “Nationaltheater” describes the space itself: the building at Max-Joseph-Platz which is also the stage for the Bayerische Staatsballett.

To find out more about the history of the Bayerische Staatsoper, click here.


Are there facilities and discounted tickets for disabled persons?

Of course. For more information, go here.


How does the cast list work?

The cast list comes free with the purchase of a programme at the Bayerische Staatsoper. Since 17th September 2003, an additional gift voucher is also available. In exchange for the voucher you can purchase the Cast List for your chosen performance for 1 Euro. Since 2004/5, you can access the respective Cast List for any evening performance as a PDF online. These PDFs are always available the day after the performance.

The Cast List is available as an audio-file via the telephone on 0049 (0)89 21 85 19 18, as well as on the homepage of the Bayerische Staatsoper or Bayerische Staatsballett. 

The Cast List for the day’s programme hangs outside the performance location, at the Nationaltheater, the Box Office as well as the “Today” poster on the Maximilianstraße.

Where can I find out about any changes in the cast list?

Current changes in casting can be accessed here. You are welcome to subscribe to our “Casting Updates” newsletter for free.

Opera Festival

When will I receive ticket confirmation for the festival?

Written orders will be processed from the 1st of February. As a rule we receive a great number of orders, so the processing time may take up to 8 weeks. However, you should receive an answer by April.


Tours When and where are the tours of the opera house? How much do they cost?

There are tours of the Nationaltheater (Foyer, Auditorium) available almost everyday from 2pm, lasting around 60 minutes. Tickets are € 7.00 (discount € 5.00) and can be purchased at the Opera Shop next to the day Box Office at Marstallplatz 5 (behind the Nationaltheater). On the weekend you may also purchase tickets directly from the tour guides. (Meeting Point: Nationaltheater North Entrance at Marstallplatz). For further information and group bookings, please phone +49.(0)89.21 85 10 25.

Lost and Found

What should I do if I’ve lost something at the Nationaltheater? Or if I’ve found something?

Objects which have been left behind are collected by the House Management of the Bayerische Staatsoper. The House Management can be contacted at these times: Mo - Fri,  9:00 to 12.00 on the telephone numbers +49.(0)89.21 85 25 40, +49.(0) 89.21 85 25 41 or +49.(0)89.21 85 25 42.


Do I have to pay to use the cloakroom?

The use of the cloakroom is free for all events at the Bayerische Staatsoper. Failure to provide the ticket for the cloakroom will incur a charge of € 5.00.

Do I have to use the cloakroom or can I bring my coat e.t.c. into the auditorium with me?

Due to fire safety regulations, clothing, umbrellas, large bags e.t.c. must be deposited in the cloakroom.


Is it possible to reserve a table at Käfer during the intervals?

The restaurant on the ground floor opens an hour before every evening performance and takes reservations via the phone on  +49.(0)89.416 88 10 or you may also use the number +49.(0)89.29 16 07 04 and fax +49.(0)89.29 16 06 88 until 6pm.

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Where are the refreshment rooms in the Nationaltheater?

Apart from the restaurant on the ground floor, there are also bars and buffets on the Parkett, 1. Rang and 3. Rang levels.

Gift Vouchers

Can’t think of the right gift? The solution: A gift voucher for the Opera.

If you’d like to let the recipient of your gift choose the performance, then the Opera Gift Voucher is perfect for you. You decide on the value, which can be spent all in one go or over a period of time.

The Opera Gift Voucher is valid for up to three years. Vouchers can be used directly over the counter or can be attached to written orders. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

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Main Entrance

Where is the main entrance to the Nationaltheater?

The main entrance to the opera is at Max-Joseph-Platz 2.


What’s the production like...?

You can get a first impression of every production on our website. There you can find reviews as well as photographs of the performance. Videos and audios of the rehearsals accompany all new productions.

Annual Programme

When does the Annual Programme come out?

The Annual Programme for the coming season is usually available from mid-April of the current season.


Where can I pick up my previously booked tickets if I’m running late?

The Evening Box Office is usually open until 10 minutes after the start of the performance. After which previously booked tickets are collected by the staff. Late arrivals may only enter the auditorium when there is a brief, light pause during the performance.

Is there a waiting list for sold-out performances?

No, there are no waiting lists. However, you are welcome to check the current status of the performance online. The website details all the remaining available tickets.

Can I exchange my tickets?

Paid for tickets cannot be returned. Simply advertise your unwanted tickets on our Ticket Forum.

How does the numbering of seat and standing places work?

Are the seats 102 and 104 next to each other? All seats (Parkett, Rang and Galerie) left of the stage are odd numbers and all seats right of the stage are even; so the seat numbers 102 and 104 are next to each other. Your seat number can also be an aid to orientation in the auditorium.

Ticket Availability

How can I find out the ticket availability for a particular performance?

You can find out about the number of available tickets through phoning our recorded message on 089 21 85 19 19. But actually you can just read it here on the website!

Advance Purchase of Tickets

How far in advance can I buy tickets?

It’s possible to submit a written order for all events at anytime, which will then be processed three months before the respective performance. The confirmation of reservation will then follow by post. Written orders done by credit card (including expiry date) or direct debit transaction will be processed quicker. Tickets reserved by written order include a booking fee of €1.50 per ticket.

Tickets booked by phone (Tel: 089 21 85 19 20), online and over the counter begins two months before the respective performance at 10am. If the date falls on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday, the ticket sale begins on the previous workday. Tickets purchased by phone or online include a booking fee of €1.50 per ticket.

If you decide to go to the opera last minute, it’s possible to purchase remaining available tickets at the Evening Box Office. The Evening Box Office opens an hour before the start of the performance.

For further information, click here.

When do the tickets for the coming season go on sale?

The advance ticket sale for the coming season works the same way as the normal ticket sale: written orders are processed three months before, and orders via phone, internet or counter begin two months before the respective performance. For all performances in September and October there is a reservation schedule for telephone, counter and online bookings.

You can find this schedule here.

Where else can I buy tickets for events at the Staatsoper?

  • Bayerische Staatsoper Box Office (Marstallplatz 5)
  • Prinzregententheater Box Office (Prinzregentenplatz 12)

Private ticket kiosks: Süddeutsche Zeitung Tickets (Ticketboxen ServiceZentrum at Fürstenfelder Str. 7), Theater- und Konzertkasse Müller (Marienplatz/UG, Stachus/2. UG).

It is not possible to buy discount tickets at the private ticket kiosks. Is it possible to buy tickets to closed performances?

Even at closed performances it’s possible to buy remaining available tickets at the Evening Box Office.

Can I book tickets via email?

Reservations sent via email will be treated as written orders. They will receive either a confirmation or rejection of their order after the processing period has begun.

How does the online ticket sale work?

Reserve your tickets on the website - it’s easy! Depending on whether the online and counter ticket sales have started for that performance yet or not, you will be taken to respective form by clicking on the “Ticket” link. You’ll be taken to either to

  • the electronic booking form, which will be processed in the same way as a letter, fax or email (but much easier and quicker to fill out). Or
  • the Online-Ticket Shop of the Bayerische Staatstheater where you can choose YOUR desired seats in the auditorium directly and IMMEDIATELY buy your tickets. The tickets will either be posted to you, or you can pick them at the Evening Box Office. See also “Credit Cards”, “Customer Number”, and “Direct Debit”.

How long is a seat reserved on the Online-Ticket Shop?

A seat reserved on the plan of the auditorium in the Online Ticket-Shop will be held for exactly 5 minutes. If it goes over this time limit, then the seat will be made available again for purchase.

Credit Cards

Can I pay with a EC-Card / credit card?

Yes. All functioning credit cards and EC-Cards will be accepted as payment. In online sales, your credit card details will only be kept for the current transaction. The details will not be saved under your customer number, nor will it kept for future transactions.

What is a credit card security number?

Until now, we have only needed the credit card number and expiry date to complete a transaction (online ticket sales available one month before the first performance). The leading credit card companies - MasterCard, American Express and VISA, for example - have extended the possible information required during a credit card payment, which makes paying online even more secure.

Through entering your security number, the security level for your booking increases. The Security Number is printed on the back of your card and is a 3-4 digit number (not a raised inscription) and which, unlike your name, expiry date and card number, is not found on the usual bank documents. This additional piece of information makes sure there is no suspicious or fradulent use of your credit card details (for instance, lifted from a discarded invoice or receipt).

The security number is not stored on our system, and must be re-entered with every new transaction.

Where do I find the security number on my credit card?

  • MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club: The last three numbers on the signiature field on the back of your card.
  • American Express: The four digit number on the top right-hand side of the front of your card, above the raised digits.

Customer Number

How does the customer number work?

Your customer number is not just valid for the Bayerische Staatsoper, but also for the Bayerische Staatsschauspiel, the Staatstheater at Gärtnerplatz and the Bayerische Theaterakademie.

The customer number is especially useful for online ticket sales, since there’s no need to re-enter your details.

Direct Debit

Can I pay via direct debit?

If you would like to pay via direct debit or bank transfer, you must first send us your bank details (BIC, IBAN and Bank) by phone, post, email or fax, so that we can add this additional information under your customer number. This information will not be openly shown on the Online Ticket Shop as a result of Data Protection. (Unlike the credit card details, which are only used for a single transaction and are not stored, either under the respective customer number, or for future transactions).

When we have received your details, you are welcome to choose “Direct Debit” as your payment method.

tickets@staatsoper.de (mailto:tickets@staatsoper.de), T +49.(0)89.2185 1920, F+49.(0)89.2185 1903, Bayerischen Staatsoper Box Office, Marstallplatz 5, 80539 Munich

Monthly Programme

When does the monthly programme come out? How can I get one?

The monthly programmes are available around six weeks before the start of the respective month. You can pick up your programme at the Box Office at the Nationaltheater or you can phone us on T +49.(0)89.21 85 10 25 to receive your free copy in the post.

You can also view the monthly programmes here on the website.

MVV (Munich Transport Company)

Is public transport (with the MVV) included in the price of my ticket?

All regular tickets (with the exception of monthly season tickets and tickets purchased with the Drama Plus Card) are valid for use on any MVV mode of transport from 3pm or three hours before the start of the performance, until the last MVV service of the day.


How many seats does the Nationaltheater have?

With 2101 seats the Nationaltheater is the biggest opera house in Germany. You can find a seating plan with prices here.

How old is the building?

The Nationaltheater was opened in 1818 using the plans of the architect Karl von Fischer. After the fire of 1823, it was rebuilt with small changes by Leo von Klenze. During the Second World War, the theatre was destroyed again. The celebrations for re-opening of the new theatre, based on the original plans by Karl von Fischer, took place in 1963. You can find more history here.

Opera Glasses

Can I borrow opera glasses for my visit of the Nationaltheater?

You can borrow opera glasses for the duration of the performance from the cloakroom of the Nationaltheater in exchange for a € 50.00 deposit or ID card.

Opera Shop

Where can I buy souvenirs, posters, postcards, programmes and annual programmes?

All this and much more is available at the Opera Shop next to the Box Office at Marstallplatz 5, as well as the stall on the left-hand side of the Parkett in the Nationaltheater. Or simply buy online in our Online Shop!


Is there parking available at the Nationaltheater?

Parking around the Nationaltheater is limited. The underground car park at Max-Joseph-Platz offers a night rate of € 10.00 from 6pm to 8am the following day.

After that time, the prices are:

  • 1 hour € 4.00
  • 2 hours € 7.00
  • 3 hours € 10.00
  • 4 hours € 13.00
  • 5 hours € 16.00
  • 6 hours € 19.00
  • 7 - 24 hours € 22.00

The underground car park is open from 6am to 2am.


When can are the programmes of new productions available?

  • The day of the Premier.
  • Programmes can be bought in the Opera Shop or via the Online Shop.


Where can I find posters, postcards, programmes and annual programmes?

You can find posters, postcards, programmes and annual programmes and lots more at the Opera Shop next to the Box Office at Marstallplatz 5. Or simply order online via the Online Shop!

Seating Plan

How do the letters work on the seating plan? What are the prices?

The price for a particular seat depends on the category of the performance (hence the letters, e.g. H) and the seat category (e.g. I for the highest category, or VIII for standing or listening only). If a performance is categorised as H and you book a category II seat, the ticket will only cost € 74.00.

  • Seating plan of the Nationaltheater
  • Seating plan of the Prinzregententheater
  • Seating plan of the Allerheiligen Hofkirche


What kind of discounts are available for students?

All students and school pupils receive 50% off standing places on the first workday after the opening of the Box Office ticket sale. In terms of remaining available seats, there are also student tickets available at the Evening Box Office (Seat: € 10.00). For performances that are a part of the Children and Young People Programme, discount tickets are already available in advance. Alaways bring your student ID with you! You can’t buy tickets for a friend! From Season 2006/7 there are special “Young Audience” cards available (for € 20.00 per season). “Young Audience” card-holders can book tickets for Children and Young People performances for € 8.00 over the phone or via written order, without having to show the respective student ID.

Can I book student tickets via written order or over the phone?

Only guests with a “Young Audience” card can purchase student tickets via written order or over the phone. Everyone else must show their ID in person at the ticket counter.

Can students with discount seats buy tickets for their friends?

No, the discount tickets must be bought over the counter in person.

Box Office

What are the opening hours of the Box Office?

The Day Box Office is open Monday to Saturday 10am – 7pm.

Do I have to queue for previously booked and paid-for tickets?

Since there are usually a number of previously booked tickets at the Box Office, you must join the regular queue for these at the counter.

For more information, click here.


Are there public toilets in the opera house during the day?

No, there aren’t any.


Can I see the surtitles from every seat?

Unfortunately, as a result of the architecture of the Nationaltheater, it is not possible to see the surtitles from every seat. Here you can find an exact plan of the seats where surtitles are not or only partially visible.

  • Balcony right: Places 68 / 70
  • Balcony left: Places 67 / 69
  • 2. Circle right: Standing room 2 - 28, 60 - 86
  • 2. Circle left: Standing room 1 - 27, 59 - 85

Performance Time and Intervals

When do the various performances start and end? When are the intervals?

Performance start and end times as well as intervals can be found online under the particular performance. The start and end times as well as interval times are published in the Monthly Programmes.