Orchesterakademie 2016/17
Orchesterakademie 2016/17

The training program of the grantees comprises four main points: orchestra practice, instruction, chamber music and mental training.

Orchestra Practice

The core element of the Academy is participation in rehearsals, opera and ballet performances as well as concerts by the Bayerisches Staatsorchester. Here the grantees have an opportunity, on the one hand, to work with General Music Director Kirill Petrenko and other renowned conductors on compositions ranging from the classic romantic operatic repertoire all the way to the modern era.

Beyond active participation in the orchestra, the door is open to the young musicians to attend all the rehearsals, performances and concerts at the house as listeners. This way, they will be able to witness the creation of an operatic production first-hand right from the outset and look over the shoulders of celebrated singers and stage directors. In this way, the musical training goes far beyond the pure study of the instrument and contributes to the development of the young musicians' artistic personalities.


Academy students receive regular instruction from first-chair players in the orchestra. During these sessions compositions on the actual performance schedule are studied to enable the academy students to move smoothly into the everyday operatic routine. The instruction likewise serves to prepare audition programs as well as learn the solo literature of each instrument.

As an amplification of the instruction program, each season will offer baroque workshops at which the academy students can learn baroque playing and phrasing techniques from experts in the field.

Chamber Music

In the just-restored All Saints’ Court Church (Allerheiligen Hofkirche) in the Munich Residence - which also serves as home to the orchestra's chamber music series, and which has been reconstructed as a magnificent concert hall - chamber music concerts featuring Academy students take place two to three times a season. They are intensively prepared and supervised by orchestra members in additional instruction periods. Collaboration with singers from the newly founded Opera Studio of the Bayerische Staatsoper at one of the annual chamber music concerts as well as an Easter concert engender unusually exciting programs, which allow the musicians a glimpse well beyond the usual scope of purely instrumental music.

At sponsor concerts, the young musicians even have an opportunity to present themselves as soloists in the Hubertussaal of Nymphenburg Palace.

Beyond this, the special possibility of direct colaborations with GMD Kirill Petrenko is provided in the annual chamber opera projects, in which works especially written for the forces of the Orchestra Academy and the Opera Studio will be personally prepared and conducted by him.

Mental Training

To prepare the grantees comprehensively for the steadily increasing requirements of auditioning for top-class orchestras, in addition to their instrumental instruction, they will receive a special mental training course under the direction of the highly experienced graduate psychologist Ulrike Klees, a specialist in work with musicians.