For 16 dancers and 9 musicians. Music by Hans Abrahamsen (born 1952) „Schnee“ Ten canons for nine instruments (2008)

Choreography Nanine Linning

Munich Opera Festival
Sunday, 14. July 2019
06:00 pm

Drama Plus · Young Audience · Tanzticket

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Premiere at 12. July 2019

  • Partner der Festspiel-Werkstatt

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Musikalische Leitung
Gregor Mayrhofer
Nanine Linning
Bühne / Visual Arts
Alexandros Tsolakis
Irina Shaposhnikova
Benedikt Zehm
Carmen Kovacs, Malte Krasting

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Hans Abrahamsen has been writing music on the snow theme for many years now, surrounded by terms such as “winter and transience, fairy tales and dreams”; his chamber orchestra piece Schnee (2006–2008) forms the centrepiece of a body of work that will mark a new highpoint with the premiere of his first opera, The Snow Queen, in winter 2019 at the Bayerische Staatsoper. Although strictly planned, his music sounds both flexible and agile: “First I design the structure to then see what might be in it.” Beginning with the musical canon structure of the composition, in close artistic cooperation with architect and visual artist Alexandros Tsolakis, Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning designs a world that gets to grips with the interactions of associated principles: Question and answer, chaos and structure, impulse and echo, hesitation and expectation. While above all, time ticks as endless experience.


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Nanine Linning was born in Amsterdam and studied at the CODARTS dance academy in Rotterdam. In 1999, she assisted William Forsythe and Dana Caspersen for their dance film From A Classical Position. After working with the Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam and the Dance Company Theatre in Osnabrück, she was artistic director and chief choreographer of the “DanceCompany Nanine Linning” at the Theatre and Orchestra Heidelberg from 2012 to 2018. For the piece Bacon, Nanine Linning received the Golden Swan recognizing the best dance production in the Netherlands in 2006. She has been nominated twice for the theatre prize “Der Faust”: in 2012 for her choreography Voice Over and in 2013 for ZERO. In cooperation with the artistic duo “Les Deux Garçons“, she created the interdisciplinary dance piece Requiem, including over 90 participants. In 2014, she worked as a director for Philip Glass’ Echnaton, a co-production the Music Theatre Heidelberg and her dance company. During the 2018/19 season, Nanine Linning is engaged as artistic director for the dance program of the Festspiele Ludwigshafen.

Schnee will be her first production and house debut at the Bayerische Staatsoper in July 2019.

(Status: January 2019)

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