Guided Tours for School Groups

Bühne des Nationaltheaters (Foto: Wilfried Hösl)
Bühne des Nationaltheaters (Foto: Wilfried Hösl)

School groups are welcome to book tours through the National Theatre. We offer a range of tours depending on age and topic, as well as several languages. The price is € 70 for a maximum of 25 participants. To book, please phone the Marketing Department on + 49 (0) 89 2185-1025.  

Maestro Margarini (for 4-7 year olds)Our forgetful conductor, Maestro Margarini, has lost his baton. He urgently needs to find it so he can conduct the orchestra in the evening. Together with the children, he starts a search-party.  His quest leads him to the “Hausgötter- und Königssaal” (the Hall of the Household Gods and the Royal Hall), even looking inside the prompt box to see whether the baton is hidden away there. Opera Adventure (for 7-10 year olds)How is different lighting created at the opera? Who tells the singers when to sing? “Opera Adventure” provides the answers and tickles children’s curiousity about the world of musical theatre and the vast operation which lies behind it. 

Mozart Adventure (for 7-10 year olds)
On his journey through Europe, the child genius Mozart stopped in Munich several times. Our Mozart-themed tour shows you where he can be found around the opera house.

Wagner Adventure (10 years old or above)
No other composer has made his mark on 19th Century opera like Richard Wagner. That’s not just true for his role in the Munich theatre, but also in the history of opera all over the world. The tour follows the trail left by the composer, who loved Munich just as much as he criticised it.  

Strauss Adventure (10 years old or above)
Richard Strauss’s father was a horn-player in the National Theatre’s orchestra. He himself, one of the most important opera composers of the 20th Century, wanted to become the General Musical Director of Munich. He knew the Munich Opera house like the back of his hand. So there’s lots to discover.  

Ballet Adventure (10 years old or above)
Ballet has been performed in Munich for 350 years. The first ballet company was made up of loads of princesses. As well as today’s stars, many of the most important dancers of past decades danced in the National Theatre. This is a tour with a focus on the history and present of the Bayerischen Staatsballett, plus a note on contemporary staging.

Orchestra Adventure (10 years old or above) 
Every night, the Bayerische Staatsorchester is on the programme. Mostly in the orchestra pit as an accompanist to the singer, but also on stage as a soloist at the Academy Concerts. “Orchestra Adventure” shows how today’s Bayerische Staatsorchester evolved from the court musicians of the past and provides an insight into the daily life of an orchestral musician.