Bayerisches Staatsorchester 2022 – 23

The history of the Bayerisches Staatsorchester began half a millennium ago. As early as 1523 there are the first employment records documenting the salaries of the permanently employed court musicians. From small beginnings in a courtly context, the orchestra gradually grew into a large opera orchestra, which soon also regularly performed symphonic works and, from the early 19th century, organized the first public concert series in Munich as part of the Musikalische Akademie. Today, the Bayerisches Staatsorchester is one of the top international ensembles with members from twenty-four nations. The excellence and versatility of this orchestra, equally at home in the orchestra pit and on the concert podium, is lauded worldwide. Since 2013, the Staatsorchester has been voted "Orchestra of the Year" seven times in a row by 50 international critics in the opera magazine, Opernwelt.