Covid-News around the Bayerische Staatsoper

Here you will find news and background information on the current situation at the Bayerische Staatsoper, your visit and the rehearsal situation during the Corona Pandemic.

Recent Developments

15 January 2021: Online premiere of DER FREISCHÜTZ and discontinuation of performances in February

Together with the artistic directors of the Bavarian State Theatres, the Minister of Arts Bernd Sibler has decided to discontinue performances in February as well: "With the extended discontinuation of performances, we are taking into account both the pandemic and the interest of the State Theatres in longer-term planning security". Rehearsals and broadcasts of Montagsstücke will continue. The online premiere of the new production of Der Freischütz will take place on 13 February 2021; the performance will be broadcast live and free of charge on STAATSOPER.TV in cooperation with BR-KLASSIK.

21 December 2020: Digital offers over the holidays

The Bayerische Staatsoper is offering its audience two classics as free videos-on-demand over the holidays. Hansel and Gretel and Swan Lake will be available as a Christmas special from 24 December, 10 a.m. to 26 December inclusive via STAATSOPER.TV. The Bayerische Staatsoper's Campus Team has also prepared creative play material for children to take home. And in a digital Advent calendar, musicians of the Bavarian State Orchestra have played musical contributions for the audience.

3 December 2020: Cancallation off all regular performances until 31 Junary

In coordination with the responsible ministry, the General Managers of all state theatres in Bavaria are to cancel all performances until 31 January, including the Bayerische Staatsoper.

3 December 2020: Final report on the pilot project

On 3 December 2020, the Bavarian State Opera handed over the final report on the pilot project "Trial operation of the Bavarian State Opera with increased audience numbers" to the Bavarian Minister-President and the responsible state ministries for science and art as well as health and care. The report provides comprehensive findings concerning the increase in the number of spectators from 200 to 500 in the National Theatre from 1 September 2020 to 25 October 2020. Under the given conditions of the pilot project (7-day incidence predominantly between 35 and 100 per 100,000 inhabitants), no increased probability of infection for the audience could be determined. Read the full report here.

28 November 2020: No regular performances until 20 December

Due to the ongoing partial lockdown, the Bayerische Staatsoper will remain closed until 20 December.

3 November 2020: Bayerisches Staatsballett resumes rehearsals

The Bayerisches Staatsballett is back in the ballet hall and is preparing the premiere of the triple bill Paradigma despite the cancelled November performances. With the approval of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art, training and rehearsals will continue on site after the end of the quarantine. Currently, the dancers are rehearsing the works Bedroom Folk by Sharon Eyal and With a Chance of Rain by Liam Scarlett. The first performance of Paradigma, originally scheduled for 3 November, will be postponed until December. The exact date of the premiere will be communicated during the course of November, as will the rest of the December schedule.

29 October 2020: Ban on events | The Bayerische Staatsoper in November

Due to the current governmental decisions we unfortunately have to cancel our regular performance schedule for the rest of the month as of November 2nd. All special events in the Cuvilliés-Theater and guided tours are also subject to the ban on events. All tickets sold will be cancelled and charged back. However, we are not gone; we are already working on an alternative programme for the coming weeks and look forward to staying in touch with our audience. You can find out more here.

28 October 2020: Live stream from DIE VÖGEL postponed

Due to impending space restrictions, the live stream date of Walter Braunfels' opera Die Vögel in the production by Frank Castorf has been moved up to the day of the premiere and will start on Saturday, 31 October 2020 at 6 pm on STAATSOPER.TV.

28 October 2020: Letter to the members of the City Council | MACBETH and MADAMA BUTTERFLY again in front of 50 people

In a letter to the members of the city council, the directors of Munich's theatres - including the Bayerische Staatsoper, the Kammerspiele, the Volkstheater and the Gasteig - have once again called for exceptions to the regulations of the latest infection control regulations for cultural institutions: "If artists are impaired or even prevented from developing their creative powers and halls cannot be used sufficiently by regulations despite a hygiene concept agreed with virologists, this is a serious intervention in the [...] fundamental rights [to artistic freedom]". The applications submitted to the City of Munich on Monday for an exceptional permit were initially rejected and postponed yesterday after a meeting of the Corona crisis unit of the City of Munich. Information on the performances in the coming days will be available here shortly. Therefore, the performances of Macbeth and Madama Butterfly on 29 and 30 October have to take place before 50 people. Tickets for the performance will be automatically cancelled and re-booked and 50 tickets will be resold.

27 October 2020: MACBETH only in front of 50 visitors

The performance of Macbeth on 27 October 2020 will only take place in front of 50 visitors, as we have not yet received feedback on our request for a derogation. In order to provide our guests with planning security, we have decided to cancel and automatically re-book all 500 tickets sold so far for the performance and to sell the 50 tickets again. We regret that we will not be able to announce how we will proceed with the upcoming performances until tomorrow and ask for your understanding.

26 October 2020: Application for exemption from the latest Ordinance on Infection Protection Measures

On 26 October 2020, the Bayerische Staatsoper submitted a request for a derogation from the latest infection control regulation of last week and the upper limit of 50 visitors in a justified case. You can read more information here.

23 October 2020: Open letter to Minister Söder

In an open letter, the artistic directors of various Bavarian stages insist on being allowed to continue the play with 200 and 500 spectators respectively, even if the incidence value is 100 or more. You can read the whole letter here.

21 October 2020: State Ballet in quarantine

Unfortunately, the performances of Swan Lake at the Bayerisches Staatsballett on 27 and 30 October 2020 cannot take place after a person from the Bayerisches Staatsballett first tested positive for the corona virus as part of the testing strategy. In the suspect test which followed immediately afterwards, five further cases were identified and isolated. As a safety measure and to protect all other employees of the company, training and rehearsal operations will be suspended for the entire company until further notice.

14 October 2020: Positive conclusion of the pilot project (blog)

The pilot project with 500 visitors in the Nationaltheater has already been running for six weeks, and the team of experts and the audience agree that cultural events do not pose an increased risk of infection if a conclusive hygiene concept is in place. Find more information here.

12 October 2020: Renewed compulsory masks during the performance

Due to the fact that the threshold value of new infections in Munich has been exceeded again, masks are again compulsory for a transitional period during our performances. You can find our current information for visitors here.

2 October 2020: No more compulsory masks during the performance

Due to the lower incidence rate in Munich, the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover during the performance will be abolished as of today's performance. If possible, however, we ask you to wear the mask during the performance as well.

29 September 2020: 500 visitors also in October

Following the positive experience of the pilot project "500 visitors", 500 people will also be able to attend performances at the Nationaltheater in October. Remaining tickets can be found in our October performance schedule.

24 September 2020: Interim report pilot project "500 visitors" handed over to Ministry

The Bayerische Staatsoper has submitted an interim report on the pilot project "500 visitors" to the Ministry of Science and Art. This report provides comprehensive findings on the increase in the number of spectators from 200 to 500 in the National Theatre from 1 September 2020. A central finding of the interim report: the previous fixed maximum number of 200 visitors does not do justice to the actual conditions of the venues. Due to the different conditions on site, sometimes very high ventilation rates and the disciplined behaviour of the audience, the National Theatre and other venues can be held responsible for significantly higher visitor numbers. "We hope that this report will find a hearing in the Council of Ministers and that we will soon be able to set individual maximum visitor limits - not only for the National Theatre, but also for all other cultural venues throughout Bavaria," said Intendant Nikolaus Bachler.

20 September 2020: Masks compulsory during the performance

Due to the fact that the threshold value of new infections in Munich has been exceeded, a temporary mouth and nose cover must be worn during our performances. Thank you very much for your understanding!

1 September 2020: 500 visitors at the Nationaltheater

Just in time for the start of the season and the world premiere of 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, a further 300 visitors will be admitted to the National Theatre from 1 September. The State Ministry for Science and Art will start a pilot test at the Bavarian State Opera on 1 September: this means that a total of 500 spectators will be allowed in the Nationaltheater for each performance in September.

28 August 2020: Our hygiene concept at the start of the rehearsals (Blog)

Shortly before the start of the new season, we report on the challenges of maintaining an opera house and its operations during a pandemic: Read our blog article "Normality in an exceptional situation? Our hygiene concept at the start of rehearsals.

15 August 2020: Hygiene Task Force prepares start of the season

The Hygiene Task Force, which was already established in March, used the preceding theatre holidays to develop a hygiene concept for the rehearsal and season start. This was done by analysing concepts and regulations as well as scientific studies, in coordination with authorities and medical experts and, in particular, by exchanging experiences with other cultural institutions all over the world, which have dared to take their first steps into the new reality with great commitment. You can gain an insight into the work of the Hygiene Task Force on our blog. The Hygiene Task Force consists of

Head of Hygiene Task Force
Dr. Matthias Schloderer

Head of Test Committee
Inca Albrecht

PCR tests
Anna Kramer

30 June 2020: Looking back

Behind us lie difficult, unusual, but also particularly creative weeks. In our  video, we look back on all the actions and programme points that we were able to realise during the initial phase of the pandemic together with all our staff, artists and our audience in order to keep art alive.


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