Dear Visitor,

In the following, we inform you about how we handle your data. We answer questions such as: 
●    What data will be collected during my website visit and why? 
●    What happens with my data when I register for the Bayerische Staatsoper’s newsletter? 
●    Where is my customer data stored when I buy a ticket? 
●    How can I object to the storage of my data?
Briefly: We want to transparently explain what happens behind the scenes of a website visit.

Questions still unanswered or is anything unclear? Our online editorial team will be happy to answer all questions: [email protected]

Would you like detailed information about the data from you that we have stored?
Our visitor communication staff will be very happy to help you: [email protected] 

Do you have concerns about data privacy or find anything confusing?
Our data privacy officer will be happy to accept your inquiries:
Bayerishe Staatsoper
Amir Suleiman
Max-Joseph-Platz 2
80539 Munich
[email protected] 

Information as at: 14 September 2021

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