Movement sequence

Jeanette Kakareka, soloist with the Bavarian State Ballet, takes a thought tour in Emeralds, the first part of the Jewels ballet trilogy.

by Jeanette Kakareka

When I perform Emeralds, which is the first part of Jewels, I first describe a curve. Then there are bows to the audience, a moment I like very much. I go back the way I came and do a few little turns, as if I were playing with the music. An arabesque is followed by a some jumps. After that, I continue forward. Now a difficult part of the solo begins. Everything happens quite quickly, there are quick changes of direction, but of course the movements must still look effortless. I'm already quite tired at this point. Finally, I cross the stage to the back and centre. During this section, the tempo slows down a little for a short while. A special moment is when I make a „tear/crying“ gesture with my hands, as if I'm sad that the solo will soon be over. But then the expression quickly becomes more joyful and exuberant again. After a balanced arabesque, I leave the stage and wait until the next entrance.

It has to look easy in any ballet, and Jewels is no exception. As a dancer you have to give your preparation and performance 100 percent, which requires managing your energy well and focusing completely. There is no story being told in the piece, instead the choreography allows you to showcase your own personality. I'm more of an emerald, although my birthstone is a ruby. In Emeralds you can see both my sentimental side, like in the pas de deux, but also my joyful side, like in the solo.


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