November 2018: Gym for the emotions, for 40 years of The Magic Flute

August Everding's production of The Magic Flute at the Bayerische Staatsoper will be 40 years old. The Frl. Wunder AG performance group presents the result of a major research project incorporating all those that are experts of the Magic Flute tradition. It deals with relationships, emotions and questions connected with timelessness, or which perhaps have only emerged over time.

LOVED AND HATED – anniversary year at the Bayerische Staatsoper

200 years of Nationaltheater, 100 years of Bayerische Staatsoper

The Bayerische Staatsoper commenced its anniversary year in 2018 with a grand New Year's Eve party. We have two anniversaries to celebrate: The Nationaltheater, which houses the grand stage, that is the heart for both opera and ballet performances, was built 200 years ago.
In addition to that, we celebrate the moment, that took place 100 years ago, when in 1918 the Bayerische Staatsoper was handed over from the Bavarian monarch into the custodial care of the young Bavarian republic.

The Bayerische Staatsoper has since been a point of regular discussion, of rejection and approval, but hopefully never of indifference. It is both loved and hated – alternating, concurrent, and mostly for an entire life long.
Hailing the title, LOVED AND HATED, spread over the anniversary year in 2018 there will be various special events, projects and installations, as presented herein.

So what exactly are we celebrating?

200 Years of the Nationaltheater

The recently built royal Bayerisches Hof- und Nationaltheater, which King Maximilian I Joseph had commissioned according to plans by Karl von Fischer, is officially opened on 12 October 1818. On the opening evening August Klingemann, the Braunschweig-born general manager of the day, noted: “The room packed to the rafters with spectators rose mightily like the Colosseum, and the effect the whole had was so magnificent and unique that everything like it that I had ever experienced anywhere else dwindled in comparison. Truly a majestic sight.”

Read more about the 1818 anniversary year and the new Nationaltheater.

100 Years of the Bayerische Staatsoper

1918 – a fateful year for the entire country, and so too for the Nationaltheater: With humanistic ideas Kurt Eisner leads a peaceful revolution against the political system, the Kaiser and the prince regnants, which results in the night of 8-9 November  in the proclamation of the Free State of Bavaria: “Long live the Bavarian Republic! Long live peace! Long live the productive work of all workers!Thereafter everything happens very fast: A provisional Bavarian government is chosen, King Ludwig III abdicates, Kurt Eisner becomes the first prime minister of the Bavarian Republic and lays the foundation stone for the modern Free State of Bavaria. In Munich’s Nationaltheater (which with the end of the monarchy now hosts the institution of the “Bayerische Staatsoper”), the revolution is celebrated on 17 November 1918, with Kurt Eisner making a renowned and much-noted programmatic speech.

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V-Aria - A Virtual Opera Experience

A chair, VR glasses, and you are ready for an opera experience of the very latest kind. Take this virtual journey and you'll see the opera from truly extra special points of view – directly from the orchestra pit during a rehearsal, for example, or from the stage during a performance. The Bayerische Staatsoper brings this virtual experience into the world, where everybody can immerse themselves in the world of opera, without having to even enter the Nationaltheater.

Find the video and all dates here: www.staatsoper.de/en/360 

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Past events


31 December 2017: New Year's Eve at the Bayerische Staatsoper


5 February 2018: The Impossible Encyclopedia No. 40: Scar


15 Juni 2018: Festival studio opening party


21 - 30 September 2018: A festival week for the anniversary


29 September 2018: Discover the Nationaltheater


  • 100 Jahre Freistaat und 200 Jahre Verfassungsstaat Bayern