Opened in 1818, the Nationaltheater is the main venue of the Bayerische Staatsoper, the Bayerisches Staatsballett and the Bayerisches Staatsorchester. The Neoclassicist theatre provides seats for a total of 2,101 visitors. With 2,500 m², the stage rebuilt after the Second World War is one of the world’s biggest opera stages. Works such as Richard Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde or Die Walküre have celebrated world premieres here.

Visitors have the opportunity to view the Nationaltheater almost daily on one of our numerous and varied tours. And you can also visit us virtually – Google Arts & Culture offers a 3D tour and various online exhibitions of the house.

A Nationaltheater tour is of course also possible with an opera, ballet or concert visit. Please note our programme for this. An hour before the performance begins, the house opens for performance guests and offers the option of strolling through the magnificent halls and rooms or viewing the curated portrait gallery, where important performers of the institution have been immortalized in paintings and works of art.

You’ll also find further information on the history of the Bayerische Staatsoper here. 


+++ Unfortunately, tours through the Nationaltheater are not possible at the moment due to the pandemic. Thank you kindly for understanding and we will inform you here as soon as the service is available again. +++

A tour through the Nationaltheater gives you the opportunity to discover opera from a new perspective. It imparts interesting information on the various processes in the house and about the work that is done before someone says – “Curtain up!” You’ll learn wonderful facts about the architecture and the personalities that have shaped the house over its 350-year history. The tour includes a visit to the Königssaal, the Ionic Rooms, the auditorium and the stage area where possible (e.g. if not being used).

Please feel free to contact our Visitor Communication office any time you have questions:
+49 89 21 85 10 25
Our availability: Mon – Fri, 10 am to 6 pm


Unfortunately, tours through the Nationaltheater are not offered at the moment due to the pandemic.

The tours generally take place several times a week at 2 pm and last 60 minutes. As soon as we can offer tours again you’ll find the precise times here.


  • Meeting point
    Nationaltheater’s Freunde-Foyer (North entrance, Alfons-Goppel-Straße)
  • Tickets
    at € 10 (discounted for pupils/students € 5) are available in the Operashop in the box office hall at Marstallplatz 5 (hours: Mon – Sat, 10 am to 7 pm).
  • The number of tour participants is generally limited to 25.


Along with our regular guided tours through the Nationaltheater, we also have special programmes on offer.
The number of participants with special tours is currently limited to 14 due to the pandemic. Because of the current limited numbers, the price for an exclusive private tour is € 100 and € 50 for pupils/students.

Bookings after times have been agreed individually at:
+49 89 21 85 10 25

    Kids can also absorb the ambiance of opera on tours through the Nationaltheater and make their first contact with the world of opera and ballet with a look behind the scenes. Along with their own personal discovery, life is also breathed into a love of opera, dance and music.
    You’ll find details on our tours for children at
    For a family excursion or a company event – we also offer exclusive private tours in German, English, Italian, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
    To provide our visitors a fuller insight into the Bayerische Staatsoper’s work we also offer tours in our workshops in Poing, which include, for example, the paint shop, the interior decorators, the joinery shop and other exciting workshops. At individually agreed times we always offer this tour for closed groups in the afternoon.
    After a visit to a performance we also offer night tours through the Nationaltheater. These exclusive tours last about 45 minutes and enable a good look behind the scenes. After times have been agreed individually this special offering can only be booked for closed groups and only in combination with the performance visited beforehand. The group price is € 180 (max. 25 people).

Please note: Night tours are currently not possible due to the pandemic.

    We offer the following programme so visitors can learn more about the world of opera and in particular about the people that keep everything up and running: Beginning with a tour through the Bayerische Staatsoper, access is provided to areas that would not normally be accessible to the public. Background information about the history of the house is also provided. The absolute highlight of this programme is meeting a member of staff who tells all about their interesting work “behind the scenes”, e.g. in the artistic operations office or in the orchestra, and therefore enables a truly special insight into the world of opera.
    Because of the current limited numbers, the price for a Meet People tour is € 250 and € 150 for pupils/students.


Also, visit our house virtually with your smartphone, tablet or PC via Google Arts & Culture. The 360° recordings not only provide new perspectives and surprises in the rooms and spaces of the Nationaltheater – they are also enriched with exciting historical background elements.

Online exhibitions also provide a multimedia insight into the history of the Bayerische Staatsoper and the Bayerisches Staatsballett, and are always well worth a visit!


The portrait gallery in the Nationaltheater’s corridors and admission areas is an authentic piece of opera history (and especially that of Munich) and is also a testament to precisely this. It is a wonderful archive of the performers connected with the Bayerische Staatsoper, and ranges here right back to artistes of the 18th century, who were posthumously portraited one hundred years after their creativity when General Manager Ernst von Possart founded the collection in 1899 as the “Künstlerahnengalerie des Königlichen Hoftheaters zu München”.

As part of the “Wie man wird, was man ist” (how we become what we are) research project, in which the Bayerische Staatsoper critically gets to grips with its history between 1933 and 1963, 23 audio biographies on important Staatsoper personalities were produced, and now are also in the portrait gallery.

Nationaltheater visitors can borrow these audio guides before performances and during the intermissions for a deposit (driver’s license or € 50) in the Operashop in the stalls and listen to the biographies with music examples as they view the respective paintings.