Application for exemption from the latest Ordinance on Infection Protection Measures

On 26 October 2020, the Bayerische Staatsoper submitted a request for a derogation from the latest infection control regulation of last week and the upper limit of 50 visitors in a justified case.

Intendant Nikolaus Bachler writes in a letter to the Kreisverwaltungsreferat

The Bayerische Staatsoper applies for a derogation from § 26 sentence 2 number 1 of the 7th Bavarian Infection Prevention Measures Ordinance (7th BayIfSMV) of 1 October 2020, last amended on 22 October 2020, in continuation of the successful pilot project, to be allowed to perform with an audience of up to 500 visitors even if the 7-day incidence exceeds the value of 100/100,000 (§ 26 sentence 3 in conjunction with § 24 sentence 4 BayIfSMV). In a 17-page report, the pilot test proves that, given the size of the National Theatre and if the measures to prevent infection are observed, it is very possible to play in front of 500 or even more visitors. This two-month practical test was accompanied by doctors from the Klinikum rechts der Isar and scientists from the Technical University of Munich, who confirmed the results. The audience feels safe with us - and we are convinced that they are allowed to do so. We ask for a quick and positive decision.

Whether the performances of the current week, beginning with Macbeth on 27 October 2020, can take place in front of 500 spectators will be announced at a later date. Director Nikolaus Bachler would like to keep the performances going in any case.