Offstage 360

Everyone is a king or queen. The season’s motto is more than a slogan – it is a statement, understanding (of self) and vision. With Offstage 360 we leave the “stage”, go out of the theatre into the city and also seek encounters in the “Off” areas – there where culture mixes in all shades, where access to cultural participation is not taken for granted, where life is lived to the full. We come back with people that want to participate, people who tell stories from their lives and people who are just as diverse and individual as our opera characters. We leave the stage and stand in the middle of the city. Our goal is to live with differences and diversity, and not to build walls. We benefit from diversities, negotiate these again and again and appreciate the interests of so many others. This is what makes us, our stage and our society.

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Just complain verbosely and you achieve nothing. To speak with the broad range of the city’s inhabitants on an equal footing we introduce collaborations with cultural, social and children’s and youth institutions. Right there and then we want to listen and have discussions. MORGEN, the umbrella association of migrant organizations in Munich and surroundings is an important cooperation partner for the years ahead. MORGEN was founded to increase participation and commitment by people with an immigration background. The network’s motto: “Engage, participate, co-decide!”

This principle also applies for us. Everyone can join in, integrate and try out in our future participatory and inclusivity projects, club nights and musical and music theatre offers with Offstage 360. Being part of cultural activity also contributes to being part of the city. Everyone will have this opportunity, regardless of education, social status or origins. Musical theatre lives with and from the people in the city.

Together with artists, cultural institutions and various organizers in Munich, we develop new discursive and artistic formats – in the city and in the Nationaltheater. Starting point here are the themes and topics of our opera and ballet productions. We connect with the diverse voices and viewpoints of the city’s inhabitants to expand opera’s sphere of influence. From the stage to the population’s everyday routine and back on stage again.

Our line of sight covers 360°, seeks out new stimuli with openness, wants to meet people of all ages and walks of life and focuses on the Bayerische Staatsoper’s full range of activity here – ballet, concert, opera. We don’t want to reach any full stops here, but rather enjoy lively continuous exchanges with people and enable participation.

Have any questions or ideas for a cooperation? We look forward to hearing from you:
Bayerische Staatsoper/Bayerisches Staatsballett dramaturgy & musical theatre education



For all premieres of the new season there are both introductions to the dramaturgy and premiere matinees on the big stage with General Manager Serge Dorny or ballet dramaturgist Serge Honegger and the respective production teams.

Introductions are one hour before performances begin; the matinees on Sunday are before the premiere at 11 am.


At various locations in Munich, there will be discussions on selected premieres and composers of the current season in cooperation with some of the city’s cultural partners. The first Munich opera discussion will be for Dmitri Shostakovich’s The Nose.

Monday, 1 November, Lenbachhaus

You’ll find further information on joining in with our opera discussions here shortly.


The kick-off event was held on 20 July in the GOROD cultural centre in the courtyard of Arnulfstraße 197 in Munich. The goal was to exchange possible cooperation ideas and hopes for the future. General Manager Serge Dorny and his staff presented the programme for the coming season, while representatives of the MORGEN agency and various associations reported on their activities. First projects were introduced: The LAZARKA dance ensemble will appear as part of the Brunnenhof Festival, and director Caner Akdeniz will collaborate with various communities for our TikTok support programme. The next get-together between the Bayerische Staatsoper and MORGEN e. V. in the autumn is currently being planned.

You’ll find further information on events in cooperation with MORGEN E. V. here shortly.



A new neighbourhood is emerging in Munich’s west, and culture cannot be forgotten of course. The first joint projects are already being planned in cooperation with those responsible in Munich for neighbourhood management, the Freiham neighbourhood association and the MORGEN e. V. network. Cultural evenings, Kids & Co musical theatre, a choir project and a big participatory project for 2023 will be implemented in the coming years. We look forward to meeting, chatting and making new contacts in the new neighbourhood. Please feel free to write to us at:

You’ll find further information on Focus FREIHAM here shortly.


As part of TUSCH (theatre and school), we work together with the Freiham education campus (primary and secondary school) in a two-year cooperation phase. All pupils get the chance here to get to know musical theatre actively and passively. Workshops, visits to the Nationaltheater, discussions, Bayerische Staatsoper and Staatsballett productions in the campus and a big participatory project to finish up in spring 2023 are all on the programme.

You’ll find further information on TUSCH here shortly.


“Diving into Diversity!” is our motto with the #creatorsfordiversitysupport promotion programme from TikTok, which we will take part in together with 50 other cultural institutions from across the whole of Germany. The programme’s goal is to create new points of encounter and interactive ways to get to grips with the topic of diversity and culture. Directors Sarah Scherer and Caner Akdeniz are already filming the first videos on the topic of “gender and breeches roles” in opera and exploring various communities and the question as to who actually works behind the scenes and what emotional links there are to the roles on the stage.

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Presentations and concerts in cooperation with the Max Planck Society from 10 Feb. 22:

Filled with curiosity, Max Planck Institute researchers and Bayerisches Staatsorchester musicians go on the search for the connections between their métiers. From the 2021-2022 season on the four performances will very specifically refer to the recently founded festival for contemporary musical theatre, Ja, Mai, and present the composers performing here with chamber music works. This time it’s therefore all about the music of Georg Friedrich Haas – here too in dialogue with the works of other, older composers. The presentations of scientists from various Max Planck Institute departments will present the latest results from basic research and get closer here to the themes of Haas’s operas, who, with his characters, regularly penetrates from the edges of human existence through to its centre.

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