Offstage 360

Everyone is a king or queen. This season’s motto is more than just a slogan – it's a statement, a way to see ourselves and the world. With Offstage 360 we leave the “stage” and the theatre and go to the city, seeking encounters in the “Off” areas – where culture presents itself in all shades, where access to cultural participation is not taken for granted, where life is lived to the fullest. We return with people who want to participate, people who want to tell stories of their lives, people who are just as diverse and individual as our opera characters. We leave the stage and take a stand in the middle of the city. Our goal is to live with differences and diversity, not to build walls. As a society, we benefit from diversities. We should re-negotiate them constantly and appreciate the interests of others. This is what defines us, our stage and our society.

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Die Mitglieder des Kreises helfen mit ihrem Beitrag aktiv dabei, Kindern und Jugendlichen die Welt der Oper, des Balletts und des Orchesters näher zu bringen.

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Alina Schaefer
Campus Freunde

T +49. (0)89.2185 1040
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Complaining alone isn't going to change the world. We need to communicate with each other. In order to reach a broad range of the city’s inhabitants we collaborate with cultural, social and children and youth institutions. We want to listen and talk. MORGEN, the umbrella association of migrant organisations in Munich and surroundings is an important cooperation partner of ours. MORGEN was founded to increase participation and commitment by people with a migration background. The network’s motto: “Engage, participate, co-decide!”

This principle hold true for us, too. With our new participative projects, our club nights and our Offstage 360 offers, we strive to create a platform, where everyone can join in and become a part of the theatre. Joining in cultural activity means contributing to your city. We want everyone to have this opportunity, regardless of education, social status or origin. Musical theatre exists for and because of the people in this city.

Together with artists, cultural institutions and various other organisations in Munich, we aim to develop new discursive and artistic formats – all over the city and in the National Theatre. Our starting points are the themes and topics of our opera and ballet productions. We connect our own voices and viewpoints with those of Munich's citizens, hoping to expand opera’s sphere of influence. From our theatre to your everyday life and back to the stage.

We aim to see everyone and seek out new impulses with openness, meeting people of all ages and  from all walks of life, while trying to enrich all artistic divisions of our house: ballet, concert, opera. We don’t want to stagnate, but rather promote continuous exchange and enable participation with and for everyone.

Do you have any questions or ideas for a cooperation? We look forward to hearing from you:
Bayerische Staatsoper/Bayerisches Staatsballett dramaturgy & musical theatre education
[email protected]


Our Offstage Program 2022 - 23


The Bavarian State Opera and the Residenztheater are jointly offering free workshops for children and young people with and without refugee experience (aged between 6 and 18) on Marstallplatz. Once a week we will sing, dance, make music and improvise together around the concept of HeimaTraum. Accompanying persons can have a drink (coffee, tea, water, etc.) and exchange ideas.

- Every Wednesday (from June 2022) from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Marstallplatz.

- Dates: 01.06. / 08.06. / 15.06. / 22.06. / 29.06. / 06.07 / 13.07. / 20.07. / 27.07.22

- Registration: [email protected]

- Entry possible at any time

- No previous knowledge required

Marstall Workshop Bavarian State Opera: 6 years and older


OFFSTAGE OPEN STAGE (from 15 years)

Starting in January 2023, young people ages 15 and up will create and present their own music/theater/dance evening every third Thursday of the month: OPEN STAGE. The art forms are as diverse as the young people: Breakdance, classical music, poetry slam, rap, electronic, baroque, ballet, etc.
Clear the stage for art and culture! A cooperation with the Backstage cultural center and the International Munich ArtLab music theater.

Backstage Club
Every third Thursday from January 2023
19.01. / 16.02. / 16.03. / 20.04. / 18.05. / 22.06. / 13.07.23
Registration: [email protected]

Participative project for all. Nature - city - culture. This is what the participatory projects in the Flower Power festival are all about. Workshops on various topics will take place at different locations in Freiham
on different topics will take place: Music theater, dance, poetry slam, breakdance, building stage sets, designing costumes, etc.

March to September 2023
Registration: [email protected]

Celebrations for all to mark the anniversary of the Bavarian State Orchestra. We celebrate our concerts as festivals throughout the city, combined with workshops, dance and theater. Music theater at your fingertips, just walk in: We want culture for everyone - there are no tickets, just good vibes.

In the urban space of Munich, near accommodations for refugees.
In cooperation with Bellevue di Monaco


Ab Januar 2023 gestalten und präsentieren junge Menschen ab 15 Jahren jeden dritten Donnerstag im Monat einen eigenen Musik-/Theater-/Tanz-Abend: OPEN STAGE. Die Kunstrichtungen sind so vielfältig wie die jungen Menschen: Breakdance, klassische Musik, Poetry Slam, Rap, Elektronik, Barock, Ballett etc.
Bühne frei für Kunst und Kultur! Eine Kooperation mit dem Kulturzentrum Backstage und dem International Munich ArtLab Musiktheater.

  • Backstage Club
  • Jeden dritten Donnerstag ab Januar 2023
  • 19.01. / 16.02. / 16.03. / 20.04. / 18.05. / 22.06. / 13.07.23
  • Anmeldung: [email protected]


Partizipatives Projekt für alle. Natur – Stadt – Kultur. Darum drehen sich die partizipativen Projekte im Rahmen des Festivals Flower Power. An ganz unterschiedlichen Orten in Freiham finden Workshops
zu verschiedenen Themen statt: Musiktheater, Tanz, Poetry Slam, Breakdance, Bühnenbild bauen, Kostüme entwerfen etc.


Feste für alle zum Jubiläum des Bayerischen Staatsorchesters. Wir feiern unsere Konzerte als Feste in der ganzen Stadt, kombiniert mit Workshops, Tanz und Theater. Musiktheater zum Anfassen, einfach hereinspaziert: Wir wollen Kultur für alle – es gibt keine Tickets, nur gute Laune.

  • Im Stadtraum von München, in der Nähe von Unterkünften für Geflüchtete
  • In Kooperation mit Bellevue di Monaco


For all premieres of the new season we offer both introductions by the dramaturgy and premiere matinees on the big stage with General Manager Serge Dorny or ballet dramaturg Serge Honegger and the respective production teams.

Introductions begin one hour before performance; the matinees are on the Sunday before the respective premiere, at 11 a.m.


At various locations in Munich, there will be discussions on selected premieres and composers of the current season in cooperation with some of our cultural partners. The first Munich opera discussion was on Dmitri Shostakovich’s The Nose.

You’ll find further information on attending our opera discussions here shortly.


As part of TUSCH (derived from the German Theater und Schule – theatre and school), we work together with the Freiham education campus (primary and secondary school) during a two-year collaboration. All pupils get the chance to learn about musical theatre actively and passively. Projects involve workshops, visits to the National Theatre, discussions, productions on the campus and – last but not least – a big participatory project in spring 2023.

You’ll find further information on TUSCH here shortly.


Overall Direction/Artistic Direction Catherine Leiter
Project ManagementJulia Kessler-Knopp
Music theatre education Sophia Bleyhl 
Dance education Simone Endres

[email protected]
+49 89 21 85 10 38