Festival Studio 2017

Munich Postpalast
Munich Postpalast

Contemporary music theater and more – from  26 June 2017 in Munich Postpalast.

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An opera in two acts based on the play of the same name Steven Berkoff
Composer: Mark-Anthony Turnage

Fate could not be more cruel: fulfilling a prophecy, Oedipus unknowingly murders his father and marries his mother. Since ancient times, this myth about the Theban ruler has been adapted by countless authors, unleashing its power on the stage and counteracted the idea of free will. The London actor and playwright Steven Berkoff locates his version of the tale in the socially deprived areas of his home city, letting the social pressures and cruelties of the present flow into the myth. Marc Anthony Turnage's operatic version is based on Berkoff's drama. It plays freely with the musical styles of the 20th Century, thereby unleashing its very own power. The work was first performed in 1988 at the Munich Biennale and was the composer's international breakthrough. Almost thirty years later, a young production team once again take on the piece's timeless questions as part of the Festival Workshop.

Mo 26. June 2017
Tu 27. June 2017
Mo 3. July 2017
Tu 4. July 2017
at 8.30 pm in the Postpalast Munich
Prices € 24,- / € 10,- (Students)
Discount for Young audience or 20% with Drama Plus Card

[catarsi] – Prozessor IV

A new production from the AGORA Musiktheaterkollektivs

Assuming that Jealousy [Medea] and Despair [Violetta] ally themselves with Courage [Leonore], find each other in Desire [Orpheus] and part in Grief [Eurydike]: in [catarsi], AGORA allows key moments of opera to collide into one format as the audience moves from scene to scene, among new sounds and fragments of memories takes from famous works. Based on the Laborabende Prozessor I-III, where AGORA examined and transformed the parameters of operatic theatre one by one, the collective turns its focus on the difficult phenomenon of catharsis, both with the audience and the characters from opera as part of the Munich Opera Festival.

Wed 28 June 2017
Thu 29 June 2017
Sat 1 July 2017
Sun 2 July 2017
at 8.30 pm in Munich Postpalast
Prices € 15,- / € 10,- (Students)
Discount for Young audience or 20% with Drama Plus Card

The Location: Munich Postpalast

Wredestraße 10
80335 Munich

Find a map of the Postpalast layout here.

Arrival on Public Transport. For example:
With the S1-S8 Station Hackerbrücke
or Tram 16, 17 and N17 Stop Hackerbrücke
Bus connections at the Central Bus Station and Train Station München