Festival Studio 2017

Munich Postpalast
Munich Postpalast

Contemporary music theater and more – from  26 June 2017 in Munich Postpalast.

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An opera in two acts based on the play of the same name Steven Berkoff
Composer: Mark-Anthony Turnage

Fate could not be more cruel: fulfilling a prophecy, Oedipus unknowingly murders his father and marries his mother. Since ancient times, this myth about the Theban ruler has been adapted by countless authors, unleashing its power on the stage and counteracted the idea of free will. The London actor and playwright Steven Berkoff locates his version of the tale in the socially deprived areas of his home city, letting the social pressures and cruelties of the present flow into the myth. Marc Anthony Turnage's operatic version is based on Berkoff's drama. It plays freely with the musical styles of the 20th Century, thereby unleashing its very own power. The work was first performed in 1988 at the Munich Biennale and was the composer's international breakthrough. Almost thirty years later, a young production team once again take on the piece's timeless questions as part of the Festival Workshop.

Mo 26. June 2017
Tu 27. June 2017
Mo 3. July 2017
Tu 4. July 2017
at 8.30 pm in the Postpalast Munich
Prices € 24,- / € 10,- (Students)
Discount for Young audience or 20% with Drama Plus Card

[catarsi] – Prozessor IV

A new production from the AGORA Musiktheaterkollektivs

A man and a woman – almost the perfect couple, and yet they live in two different worlds.
“catarsi” – for him it's the place where all his dreams come true; for her, it's where her husband is locked in the prison of his own imagination. She must first find and then confront him with this knowledge. Thanks to her courage, both of these acts seem possible. But in which world will it happen? In the real world or in utopia? Through physical contact, words and song as vehicles of emotional expression – or will it all be part of a fantasy, a simulation?
After their theatrical experiments in Prozessor I – III, which have culminated in the multimedia conceptual work [catarsi] – Prozessor IV , the group AGORA will once again use Ludwig van Beethoven's opera Fidelio as the blueprint for exploring what role the audience's subjective perception plays in the opera house, as part of the festival. AGORA reacts musically, scenically and visually to Beethoven's utopian idea and lets the audience at the Postpalast wander, both virtually and literally, through Leonore and Florestan's worlds.

Wed 28 June 2017
Thu 29 June 2017
Sat 1 July 2017
Sun 2 July 2017
at 8.30 pm in Munich Postpalast
Prices € 15,- / € 10,- (Students)
Discount for Young audience or 20% with Drama Plus Card

Can you whistle, Johanna

Opera for children by Gordon Kampe (7 years and older)
The poetic story of „Can you whistle, Johanna“ is perfect for children from seven years old and up. Berra and Ulf are best friends. But Berra thinks it's unfair that Ulf has a Granddad and he doesn't. Together they look for a Granddad for Berra and find the whistling Grandfather Nils in an old people's home. An unlikely friendship unfolds between the old man and the two boys, which contains both happiness and grief - an unconventional take on ageing and death, free of sentimentality.

Sat 8 July 2017 (6 pm)
Sun 9 July 2017 (11 am)
Wed 12 July 2017 (5 pm)
at the Postpalast München
Prices € 10,-

Kirill Petrenko & Orchestra Akademie of the Bayerischen Staatsorchesters

A look ahead: Since its foundation, the Bayerische Staatsorchester's Orchestra Academy can look back over a 15 year history, yet, as always, it has its sights firmly fixed on the future. After all, the aim of the two-year programme is to prepare young musicians for all aspects of working life in a great opera-house orchestra, and many of the participants have gone on to play in important orchestras – not least the Staatsorchester itself. Now the General Music Director Kirill Petrenko will conduct the Orchestra Academy's Festival Concert for the first time, which will be taking place in the particularly festive surroundings of the Prinzregententheater this season. And they are looking to the future in other ways, too, since the Friends and Supporters of the Musikalische Akademie e.V (the Musical Academy Association) have commissioned a composition from a new, emerging musician; something which they do at regular intervals. This year sees a contribution from Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen entitled Two Inger Christensen Songs: songs based on this distinctive poet's texts. This exquisite piece for soprano and seven instrumentalists is part of Abrahamsen's growing work-cycle around the theme of “Snow” – which will have a special role to play in the coming years at the Bayerische Staatsoper. In addition, the programme will include various ensemble pieces, mostly from the early and mid 20th century, such as the rarely performed theatrical music for Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and the Chamber Music No. 1 by the young and wild Paul Hindemith, plus other works yet to be revealed.

Sun 16 July 2017 (8 pm)
at the Prinzregententheater
Prices PF, € 40 / 33 / 25 / 16 / 12
Discount for Junges Publikum or with Drama Plus Karte

Doch bin ich nirgend, ach, zu Haus!

Songs by Schubert, Schumann and Mahler mixed with lyrics by Robert Walser – read by the storyteller and puppet artist Nikolaus Habjan and performed by Musikbanda Franui from East Tyrol.

Music: „Franui“, after Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann Johannes Brahms and Gustav Mahler
Lyrics by Robert Walser und Jürg Amann
Composition: Markus Kraler, Andreas Schett
Dramaturgy: Nikolaus Habjan, Markus Kraler and Andreas Schett

Fr 28. Juli 2017
20 Uhr im Prinzregententheater
Preise PF, € 40 / 33 / 25 / 16 / 12
Ermäßigung für Junges Publikum bzw. mit Drama Plus Karte

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