Musical theatre for three performers, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, drum and live electronics

Composer Felix Leuschner · Libretto by Reto Finger

Munich Opera Festival
Tuesday, 23. July 2019
08:00 pm

Drama Plus · Young Audience

€ 24,- / € 10,- (Junges Publikum);
20 % Ermäßigung für Inhaber der Drama-Plus-Karte

Prices PG24 , € 24

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Premiere at 21. July 2019

  • Partner der Festspiel-Werkstatt

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Felix Leuschner
Reto Finger
Manuel Schmitt
Daniel Angermayr
Christian Kass
Benedikt Stampfli

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Time stands still in the death cell. The death cell is a waiting room. Time does not move, it has stopped. Routines structure the undetermined limbo between the sentencing and its enforcement. Composer Felix Leuschner, librettist Reto Finger and director Manuel Schmitt travelled together to Texas for research purposes, to come closer to the life situation of a prisoner sentenced to death. Found guilty of murder, for 13 years now he has been isolated from society, his environment and family, awaiting the state-ordered death.  These impressions produce a piece for two singers and one actor, characterised by personal encounters with those affected and the different real lives of people on both sides of the bars. The staging will pose questions about our understanding of freedom and social co-habitation and provide visual, acoustic and intellectual insights into the emotional journey of the project team.


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Manuel Schmitt wurde in Oberhausen geboren. 2013 schloss er sein Regiestudium an der Bayerischen Theaterakademie in München ab, wo er u. a. Lukas Bärfuss Parzival, Rossinis L’inganno felice und Philip Glass Galileo Galilei inszenierte. Von 2009 bis 2011 arbeitete er als Regieassistent von Willy Decker bei der Ruhrtriennale in Bochum. Seit 2012 assistiert er Jan Philipp Gloger bei den Bayreuther Festspielen. Eigene Regiearbeiten führten ihn u. a. ans Theater an der Rott (Quartetto), ans Theater Trier (Die Großherzogin von Gerolstein), ans Nordharzer Städtebundtheater in Halberstadt (Die goldene Gans) und in die Lueg Arena in der Schweiz (Der Barbier von Sevilla). 2014 arbeitete er an der Bayerischen Staatsoper als Co-Regisseur bei dem Mehrgenerationen-Projekt Jugend einer Stadt. Regiemitarbeit hier 2016/17: Der kleine Prinz.

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