A musical tour of the „Utrecht, Caravaggio und Europa“ exhibition in the Alte Pinakothek

Munich Opera Festival
Wednesday, 26. June 2019
09:00 pm
Alte Pinakothek

Drama Plus

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Premiere at 18. June 2019

  • Partner der Festspiel-Werkstatt

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Georgine Balk
Benedikt Stampfli

Solist 1
Oleg Davydov
Solist 2
Anna El-Khashem
Solist 3
Natalia Kutateladze
Solist 4
Caspar Singh

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Personal empowerment means seizing the right to do something, as Jesus did by seizing the right to chase the sinners from the temple. The young Caravaggisti took the liberty in their search for identity and individuality to break with the standards of the day with chiaroscuro stagings of lifelike and life-sized figures. On seven evenings, singers of the Bayerische Staatsoper’s Opera Studio will perform in the exhibition as part of a musical and scenic performance in front of the inspiring paintings and bring the Caravaggesque, deeply touching world of images to life. The extreme emotional states dramatically depicted by the painters and religious content with means of expression using music, movement and atmospheric lighting moods are innovatively interpreted and therefore a unique experience for the audience.


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Benedikt Stampfli, geboren in Bern, studierte Musik- und Theaterwissenschaften an den Universitäten in Bern, Freiburg und München. Im Sommer 2013 schloss er den Master-Studiengang Dramaturgie an der Bayerischen Theaterakademie August Everding mit einer Arbeit über „Gustav Mahlers Wagner-Rezeption und die musiktheatrale Dramaturgie in seinen Symphonien“ erfolgreich ab. Praktische Erfahrung sammelte er u. a. am Stadttheater Bern und am Theater Biel Solothurn. Seit der Saison 2013/14 ist er Dramaturg an der Bayerischen Staatsoper. Zudem ist er Dozent an der Münchner Volkshochschule.

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