We bring opera and ballet not only to the stage of the Nationaltheater – we also perform out in the city, across the state and country, worldwide, on the radio, on television, and of course on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and smart TVs. As a cultural venue, we consider it our duty to promote openness towards new genres and diverse media forms and to shape new digital formats with courage, so that our artistic creativity can also continue online. Our relationship to culture, our information behaviour, how we spend our free time and the media we use undergo a constant transformation process that is re-defined regularly. To us, this presents an opportunity and the challenge to confront the possibilities and devices of the digital world. Digital opera to us never means replacing the action on stage, but rather to seize this opportunity to re-interpret, re-think and enrich this art form.



You’ll find digital formats and projects listed alphabetically here. Follow the links, discover our digital cosmos and interact with us and our offers on our social media channels!


The Bayerische Staatsoper will now issue its very own online magazine for the first time with the 2021-2022 season: APOLLON online sees itself as a dossier and compiles several articles on thematic focus points every week – with all the options of multi-mediality in text, imagery and audio. Plus, APOLLON also appears in the 2012-2022 season four times in a bound edition. In the current season we pose specific questions about being human.

Because the core element of art must always be humanity – whether ballet, music or opera, the Bayerische Staatsoper will always be a place of inspiration, of exchanging information and of vision. All too frequently in everyday life there is no time for the really big thoughts. Theatre has the task of being an exceptional place away from the daily hustle and bustle, where how the world can be a better one is listened to, thought about and discussed. How we, the humans, can contribute to this. Together.

APOLLON also sees itself obliged to work towards these goals. From out of the Bayerische Staatsoper’s programme we condense the themes, narratives and issues for our times and society. APOLLON provides a platform for art’s themes and topics, thinks them through and relates them on in different directions, aiming to enrich the art experience with this passing on.



Since 2017 the Institute for Theatre Studies at LMU Munich has been digitising all performances right back to the early 20th century based on the Staatsoper’s cast lists. The database produced in collaboration with the LMU’s Humanities IT Group will also be provided during the course of the 2021-2022 season on the Bayerische Staatsoper’s website for all interested opera visitors, hobby researchers and scientists.

You’ll find out more here shortly!


All three divisions of our institution – the Bayerische Staatsoper, the Bayerisches Staatsballett and the Bayerisches Staatsorchester – run their own Facebook pages with a total of some 100,000 subscribers. These are supplied with information and pictures on our events, as well as up-to-date service information, and get to know our performers and employees and their everyday theatre routine in diverse formats. For our younger audience, we run our own U30 page, where we inform them about more affordable tickets for under thirty-year-olds. The younger community also exchanges information in the <30 group – opera for EUR 10.

We look forward to all kinds of exchanges on our channels and are always grateful for feedback, humorous comments and constructive criticism – and please observe our netiquette here.


Also visit our house virtually with your smartphone, tablet or PC via Google Arts & Culture. The 360° recordings provide new perspectives and surprises in the rooms and spaces of the Nationaltheater and the stage, and are enriched with exciting historical background elements. In various online exhibitions, you’ll also enjoy some new insights into our productions and formats.



More than 80,000 fans now follow us on the Bayerische Staatsoper and Bayerisches Staatsballett Instagram feeds. In pictures, live videos and short stories we impart the fascination of our genre and above all aim to inspire younger people with our themes and topics. We highlight our tickets offering for under thirty-year-olds on our own <30 channel.


Our kids’ website www.maestro-margarini.de invites little opera lovers to take off on a voyage of discovery into the virtual opera house with an entertaining conductor – our Maestro Margarini. The page is mobile and is best used on a tablet. Different interactive games on opera, music and dance themes await the kids. For the really little ones there are simple dressing up games and memories, and for the more experienced opera fans there are also tricky bits such as a stage manager game, a lighting game or the challenge of casting an orchestra correctly. And anyone who’s had enough of interactivity can simply let others of their own age tell them about our opera and ballet plots with pictures of the productions.

Our virtual Maestro accompanies and explains the navigation through the opera house and the games – so pre-school kids can also understand and join in.


The LinkedIn social network specializes on professions and careers. On the Bayerische Staatsoper’s feed we not only post current vacancies from all areas in front of and behind the stage – we also provide insights into the varied and diverse jobs that work hand-in-hand at an opera house. Get to know our team and enjoy behind the scene insights here.


In our editorial area or production-related on our“about the piece” pages you’ll receive journalistically prepared audio and moving image material on our stagings. You’ll also find all our freely available audio and video material in our mediathek.

We primarily post short clips, trailers, interviews or audio features on our productions and our performers here. You will not find full opera, ballet and concert recordings here, as a performance’s transmission is bound by numerous copyright, ancillary copyright and personal rights, which in most cases are only awarded restricted for particular purposes and limited in time. However if you are looking for recordings of complete performances, please see our offering on STAATSOPER.TV or the DVD offering of our BSOrecording label and our Operashop.


Wurde Maria Callas mit Windbeuteln oder Radieschen beworfen? Welcher Strauß schrieb doch gleich die Fledermaus? Und hatte Richard Wagner wirklich eine Glutenunverträglichkeit? Intermezzo ist die erste Quiz-App über Oper, klassische Musik und Musiktheater und noch dazu kostenfrei erhältlich. Überraschende Fakten, kuriose Geschichten und verrückte Anekdoten warten in diesem Quiz auf Sie. Drei launige Musen testen Ihr Allgemeinwissen und belohnen Sie am Ende mit Lorbeeren und weiteren Abenteuern. Egal, ob Opernneuling oder eingefleischter Klassikfan, unser Quiz benötigt vor allem einen wachen Geist und Kombinationsgeschick. 

Intermezzo im Apple-Store herunterladen (IOS)
Intermezzo im Google Play Store herunterladen (Android)


The creative realignment under Serge Dorny will also be expressed in our new digital communication, which is why our new Internet presence will now be presented in September 2021. The website has existed in its previous form since 2014 – a good old age for a digital product. Along with a new design concept, a modern technical solution was therefore also due.

The focus point of the new presence is clearly on digitally further relating the stories of the stage, emotionally and with social relevance. The centrepiece of the site is therefore an editorial area, which further-thinks the themes and topics of our productions, digitally, journalistically and often from personal perspectives. The focus here is heavily oriented on multimedia, on digital experiments and an interactive user interface, accompanied by notifications and video and audio formats.

The Design Magazine page writes about the new style:

“Leaner content, stronger concept: Colour plays are contrasted by concise photography, clear typography, lots of white space – and by a lean content concept, which guides the visitors through the website entirely modern and intuitively.”

Have any questions or suggestions? Write to us:

[email protected]


You can view livestreams of our premieres and selected concerts as well as on-demand offers free of charge on STAATSOPER.TV. Visit STAATSOPER.TV to inform yourself about current streams or be forwarded directly to livestreams


The 2021-2022 season and its new productions in particular celebrate the human being in its searching, in its diversity, its contrasts, but also in its dialogues – “each of us a king or queen”.

The Bayerische Staatsoper has therefore applied for the #creatorsfordiversity support programme from TikTok and from September 2021 will also take part in it together with 50 other cultural institutions from all over Germany. The project’s goal is to create new points of encounter and interactive ways to get to grips with the topic of diversity and culture.

For colourful, diverse and surprising videos visit our still fresh Bayerische Staatsoper TIKTOK channel and celebrate diversity with us.


Sometimes less is more. The microblogging service Twitter believes in this principle – and the Bayerische Staatsoper and the Bayerische Staatsballett also regularly pack news and curiosities into 280-character tweets. The General Manager of Bayerische Staatsoper is now also tweeting for the first time in the 2021-2022 season. Visit Serge Dorny’s Twitter account here – and follow him so you don’t miss anything important.



A VR opera experience went live for the first time in 2018 with the VR short film V-Aria. On a red velvet chair from Munich’s Nationaltheater you’ll travel as a spectator through the opera house, meet wonderful musicians, dancers and singers – all thanks to a pair of VR glasses. You'll also discover wonderful music, splendid halls and bizarre figures. You'll visit places which would otherwise be out of bounds, singers give you a private performance on stage, and at the end you personally receive the applause of more than 2,000 viewers.

You can watch the film on YouTube right now, where you can choose between a 360° view and the VR view (for a VR headset or Cardboard).


The XING social network specializes on professions and careers, especially in the German-speaking area. On the Bayerische Staatsoper’s feed you will find current vacancies or can network with our employees.