Campus Circle

Fostering talents is what enterprises as well as private persons do, when they support the Bayerische Staatsoper as "godparents". They sponsor young and talented singers of the Opera Studio, musicians of the Orchestra Academy or young dancers of the Bavarian State Ballet II / Junior Company . Sponsors may thereby see and experience their protégé's talent develop.

In addition, the Campus Circle offers the possibility to enable even the smallest guests enjoy something really big. So, the second option when becoming a member of the Campus Circle is to become a partner of the education programme. Guided tours, workshops, open days as well as talks with artists present the audience of tomorrow with the diverse activities of an opera house. Support the future!

Our applause and thanks go to:

  • Anjuta Aigner-Dünnwald
  • Dr. Arnold und Emma Bahlmann
  • BARGE Stiftung
  • Dieter und Elisabeth Boeck Stiftung
  • Astrid Bscher
  • Rolf und Caroli Dienst
  • Vera und Volker Doppelfeld-Stiftung
  • Christa Fassbender
  • Dr. Joachim Feldges
  • Wilhelm von Finck Stiftung
  • Oliver und Claudia Götz
  • Ursela und Bertil Hjelm
  • Dirk und Marlene Ippen
  • Christine und Marco Janezic
  • LfA Förderbank Bayern
  • Ligne Roset FÜNF HÖFE
  • Klaus Luft Stiftung
  • Eugénie Rohde
  • Dr. Helmut Röschinger
  • Schwarz Foundation
  • Dr. James Swift
  • Georg und Swantje von Werz

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