Bayerisches Staatsballett statement – operations during the Corona crisis

Participation in the Monday concerts introduced by the Staatsoper and streamed live is solely after consultation and strictly voluntary. The concert on 23 March 2020 involved a married couple that live in the same home, and a pianist and two other dancers, who do not appear as a couple, but rather appear after one another in a shared scene. The excerpts shown are part of the repertoire and the dancers are familiar with them, so that only two individual rehearsals with one or two dancers, a pianist and a ballet master were performed. All safety precautions such as minimum distances, hand disinfection etc. were complied with here. Only with the married couple was an exception made with regard to physical distance. And every ballet studio has long since, and regardless of Corona, always had a hand disinfectant dispenser at the entrance. The concert itself was performed in the absence of make-up artists and costume designers so as to avoid further employee contact. Furthermore there are no regular rehearsals with the ensemble, and they are not expected to resume before 19 April, 2020. 

Apart from this however, the Bayerisches Staatsballett offers voluntary training, which enables the dancers to stay fit in the current situation. Physical training is a basic requirement for dancers to be able to return to work on the stage at a later date, and hopefully soon. A minimum distance of two to three metres between the dancers also applies here, with training in small groups where there is no physical contact. Furthermore, the members of the Bayerisches Staatsballett are currently only training in the Ballettprobenhaus am Platzl rehearsal building to avoid contact with the staff in the Nationaltheater. Both training and participation in the Monday concerts are entirely voluntary for the dancers. 

With all activities that are currently still possible, the Bayerisches Staatsballett and the Bayerische Staatsoper act in close coordination and in compliance with all specifications stipulated by the Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art. All necessary and possible safety precautions (safety distances, limited group numbers, disinfection measures etc.) were taken last week, as they will continue to be. The theatre is of course closed to the public, but a work ban has not yet been issued for Bavaria’s state theatres. With formats such as the Monday concerts streamed live, our performers hope to give people a real sense of optimism and to send a clear signal to all: “Art is an integral part of life, also in times of crisis”.  Should regulations be tightened further, they will of course be implemented immediately.