A new production from the AGORA Musiktheaterkollektivs

Munich Opera Festival
Thursday, 29. June 2017
08:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Finden Sie hier eine Anfahrtsskizze zum Postpalast.

Duration est. 1 hours 30 minutes

Young Audience · Drama Plus

Prices PG15

Premiere at 28. June 2017

  • Partner der Festspiel-Werkstatt

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AGORA Musiktheaterkollektiv
Benjamin David
Mitarbeit Regie
Anna Brunnlechner
Komposition, Arrangement, musikalische Leitung
Benedikt Brachtel
Valentin Köhler
Claudia Irro

Laura Tatulescu
Kristofer Lundin
Alban Lenzen
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A man and a woman – almost the perfect couple, and yet they live in two different worlds. “catarsi” – for him it's the place where all his dreams come true; for her, it's where her husband is locked in the prison of his own imagination. She must first find and then confront him with this knowledge. Thanks to her courage, both of these acts seem possible. But in which world will it happen? In the real world or in utopia? Through physical contact, words and song as vehicles of emotional expression – or will it all be part of a fantasy, a simulation? After their theatrical experiments in Prozessor I – III, which have culminated in the multimedia conceptual work [catarsi] – Prozessor IV , the group AGORA will once again use Ludwig van Beethoven's opera Fidelio as the blueprint for exploring what role the audience's subjective perception plays in the opera house, as part of the festival. AGORA reacts musically, scenically and visually to Beethoven's utopian idea and lets the audience at the Postpalast wander, both virtually and literally, through Leonore and Florestan's worlds.


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Benjamin David, geboren in Lausanne, studierte zunächst Life Sciences und Technologies und anschließend Bioengineering and Biotechnology in seiner Heimatstadt. Zunächst arbeitete er als Regiseassistent und Spielleiter an der Bayerischen Staatsoper sowie am Theater an der Wien und war Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter für David Böschs Inszenierungen von Die Gezeichneten an der Opéra de Lyon und Alcina am Grand Théâtre de Genève. Sein Regiedebüt gab er mit Songs of Travel von Vaughan Williams am Theater Basel, darauf folgten Arbeiten wie Romeo, Ricky und Julia und Blue Monday an der Bayerischen Staatsoper und Ulysse Exp. N°1, eine Bearbeitung von Il ritorno d‘Ulisse in patria vom Musiktheaterkollektiv In.The.Lab/AGORA in Lausanne. Er ist Mitglied des Musiktheaterkollektivs AGORA. (Stand: 2017)

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