Der Diktator / Der zerbrochene Krug

Composer Ernst Krenek und Viktor Ullmann
In German with German surtitles

Friday, 27. April 2018
07:00 pm – 08:20 pm

Duration est. 1 hours 20 minutes

Introductory Event: 06:00 PM · Young Audience

Prices CE , € 44 /40 /32 /22 /14

Premiere at 13. April 2018

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Musikalische Leitung
Karsten Januschke
Marie Pons
Gesine Völlm
Christian Kass
Benedikt Stampfli
Lea Heutelbeck

Münchener Kammerorchester

Der Diktator

Martha Teresa Münder

Boris Prýgl
Réka Kristóf
Paula Iancic
Galeano Salas

Der zerbrochene Krug

Andreas Weirich

Oleg Davydov
Milan Siljanov
Long Long
Alyona Abramowa
Anna El-Khashem
Boris Prýgl
Galeano Salas
Niamh O’Sullivan
Alexander York
Erste Magd
Paula Iancic
Zweite Magd
Niamh O’Sullivan
Frau Brigitte
Ulrike Arnold
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To List of Performances

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Synopsis Der Diktator

The Dictator orders a war, yet again. His wife Charlotte beseeches him to stop the blood-letting and consider a true ideal – the peace of nature. The Dictator is left cold. So he covets the wife of a wounded officer, Maria. When the officer tells Maria of his injuries during the war and the fears bound up in them, the two contemplate revenge. He incites Maria to murder the Dictator. Charlotte distrusts Maria. Her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers that Maria owns a pistol. But as Maria stands before the Dictator she feels drawn to him, puts the gun aside and the two declare their unexpected mutual love. In her jealousy Charlotte seizes the gun and intends to shoot her husband, realizes however that she cannot, and gives it to the officer, who, instead of shooting the Dictator, shoots his wife. He is stunned by his action.

Synopsis Der zerbrochene Krug

The village judge Adam has injuries on his face, head and legs, as he blunders through his explanation to the court registrar, Licht. To make matters worse the tough court inspector Walter is present, and intends to check conditions at the court. Adam finds his periwig has gone astray. The day's judging begins with Frau Marthe seeking damages from Ruprecht, her daughter Eve's fiancé. She claims he was in Eve's room the previous night, and on fleeing he also broke a valuable jug. Ruprecht denies all charges and instead accuses his fiancé of being untrue. While Adam presses Ruprecht to confess, Walter sends for a witness, Frau Brigitte, to exonerate him. He also demands a statement from Eve. She asserts Ruprecht's innocence, but declares she will not testify as to who is responsible for the offence. When Frau Brigitte presents Adam's wig, he's got some explaining to do. Adam wants to be rid of the case and quickly throw Ruprecht in jail. Now Eve breaks her silence and accuses Adam of having broken the jug himself, when he sought her out in her room. Adam flees. Ruprecht begs Eve for forgiveness and Walter refers Frau Marthe to Utrecht, to seek justice for the broken jug there. And although the culprit has not been condemned, the villagers gather and demand justice: "Fiat justitia, then as now, no-one should be a judge if his heart is not pure."


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Marie Pons studierte zunächst Architektur. Ab 2003 entwarf sie Bühnenbilder u. a. für freie Projekte im Palast der Republik. Außerdem arbeitete sie im Szenenbild u. a. bei Filmen wie Hans Weingartners free rainer mit. Sie war fest engagiert am Theater Dortmund, an der Bayerischen Staatsoper, der Staatsoper Unter den Linden und am Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin und seit 2012 am Staatstheater Nürnberg. Ab 2006 entstanden Bühnenräume am Theater Dortmund (u. a. wir sind nicht das Ende) sowie an der Bayerischen Staatsoper der Raum für Elliot Sharps about us! und das Bühnenbild für Selma Ježová bei den Münchner Opernfestspielen. Zuletzt gestaltete Sie die Bühne für Lights of Broadway am Staatstheater Nürnberg. (Stand: 2018)

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