Musical theatre project with young refugees and Munich’s youth with and without migrant backgrounds

Composer Benedikt Brachtel

Munich Opera Festival
Wednesday, 19. June 2019
08:00 pm
Utopia (ehemals Reithalle)

Drama Plus

Prices PG20

Premiere at 19. June 2019

  • Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der

  • Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der BARGE Stiftung

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Benedikt Brachtel
Anna Handler
Jessica Glause
Set Design
Valerie Dziki
Costume Design
Lena Winkler-Hermaden
Benjamin Richter
Amelie Erhard
Lukas Leipfinger
Artistic Consultant
Ursula Gessat


Violine                 Anton Roters, Leonie Schönthaler,
                               Lorenzo Giannotti, Sophie Kaupert
Viola                     Katie Barritt, Anna Zahlten
Violoncello         Jakob Roters
Kontrabass         Juan Sebastián Ruiz
Flöte                     Katharina Schippan
Oboe                     Sonja Tummel
Klarinette           Georg Lamprecht
Bassklarinette  Julia Hochholzer
Fagott                   Lorenz Hofmann
Trompete             Aljoscha Zierow
Posaune              Martin Lucke
Horn                     Konrad Probst
Tuba                     Barbara Gruchmann
Schlagzeug       Philipp Gattringer, Lukas Baumer
Klavier                 Mayuko Obuchi


Adnan Jafar, Adnan Jafar, Adriana Cuevas, Aliahmad Alizade, Ali MadadQorbani, Amira Behroz, Anna Zahlten, Cangin Memkelo, Daniel Winograd, Derick Yamungu, Issa, Hella Popp, Alex Ließmann, Katharina Mayer, Lea Gockel, Lena Kühn, Lena Ruffer, Lilith Kappelmann, Martin Lucke, Mila Stephan, Natalia Kloe, Noé Lausch, Priska Kraft, Rostam Sherzad, Sophia Riedrich, Tamana Timoor, ZabiullahTalash, Zahra Akhlaqi, Zekeria Majidy

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To List of Performances

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The trilogy that started with NOAH and continued with MOSES now proceeds with a project series that tackles religious thematic stories. For the third part of the cooperation with young people that have fled to or are native to Munich we go back to the origins of human history. In the creation myth a world view is constructed, in which an Almighty Father creates a man as the first human and from his ribs creates a woman for him, who is responsible for the subsequent expulsion from paradise. This Christian story-telling tradition struggles here with the Jewish and Islamic way of representing our origin. Beginning with biographies of young people searching for their place in the world, EVA UND ADAM asks the question about a new start in a strange world and the possibility of an emancipated co-habitation, not just for the two genders, but also for different religious communities. The musical theatre project combines music and arrangements from Joseph Haydn’s Die Schöpfung with new compositions and musical ideas of the young people.


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Benedikt Brachtel studierte Jazzgitarre und -komposition in Linz und Leipzig. 2015 hatte seine Semi-Oper/Schauspielmusik Bluthochzeit in Bregenz Premiere. Im selben Jahr arrangierte er für sein Kollektiv In.The.Lab/AGORA Claudio Monteverdis Il ritorno dUlisse in patria. Zudem komponierte er Musik für diverse Produktionen u. a. an den Münchner Kammerspielen, dem Theater Basel, dem Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, dem Berliner Ensemble, dem Schauspiel Graz und dem Schauspiel Köln. An der Bayerischen Staatsoper war er in der Spielzeit 2015/16 Komponist, Arrangeur und musikalischer Leiter bei NOAH, MOSES und Catarsi. (Stand: 2019)

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