Commedia lirica in three acts (1893)

Composer Giuseppe Verdi · Libretto by Vincenzo Grimani, text by Arrigo Boito after The Merry Wives of Windsor and passages from King Henry IV by William Shakespeare
In Italian with German and English surtitles | New Production

Sunday, 19. March 2017
05:00 pm – 07:40 pm

Duration est. 2 hours 40 minutes

Family Performance: 12 years or older · Children's Introductory Event: 04:15 PM

Open ticket sales

Premiere at 05. July 2020

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Musikalische Leitung
Asher Fisch
Eike Gramss
Bühne und Kostüme
Gottfried Pilz
Manfred Voss
Sören Eckhoff

Sir John Falstaff
Ambrogio Maestri
Franco Vassallo
Pavol Breslik
Dr Cajus
Riccardo Botta
Kevin Conners
Alin Anca
Mrs Alice Ford
Véronique Gens
Ekaterina Siurina
Mrs Quickly
Daniela Barcellona
Mrs Meg Page
Daniela Pini
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester
  • Chorus of the Bayerische Staatsoper

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Sir John Falstaff, the enormous, immense Falstaff, as he enthusiastically calls himself, is in dire straits. His belly, his greatest pride, synonymous with his stateliness, requires constant maintenance in the form of an over-abundant supply of food and drinks. His means are therefore exhausted. Coupled with his magnificence as a real man, Falstaff’s cunning will come to his aid, he thinks: He composes identical love letters to Mrs Alice Ford and Mrs Meg Page, to captivate the ladies’ hearts and therewith also capture their husbands’ fortunes. The two “Merry Wives of Windsor” are, however, well able for the pretentious beau, as the (lyrical) comedy shifts into gear. 

Verdi’s last opera was only his second excursion into the comedy genre. Almost fifty years after his early piece, Un giorno di regno, was not a roaring success, he dared approach the Shakespearean material, congenially prepared by his librettist, Arrigo Boito. Falstaff should have spirit, Verdi wrote Boito, and he therefore extended the original, Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, with passages from Henry IV (where Shakespeare had Sir John Falstaff appear for the first time), didn’t scrimp on the literary references and poetic artifices, and invented some of the most wonderful tirades in literary history. Verdi followed the libretto with a detailed, fully composed tour de force full of wit and depth, in which the driving grotesque is set just as unrivalled in music as the lyrical moments are.


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Asher Fisch, geboren in Jerusalem, begann seine Karriere als Assistent von Daniel Barenboim. Anschließend wurde er musikalischer Leiter an der Wiener Volksoper und an der New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv. Von 2007 bis 2014 war er Principal Guest Conductor an der Seattle Opera, seit 2014 hat er die musikalische Leitung des West Australian Symphony Orchestra inne. Gastverträge führten ihn u. a. an die Opernhäuser von New York, London, Mailand, Neapel, Turin, Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Paris, Chicago und Los Angeles. Neben seinen Opernengagements trat er mit Orchestern wie dem New York Philharmonic, der Staatskapelle Dresden, dem Gewandhausorchester Leipzig und den Berliner sowie den Münchner Philharmonikern auf. (Stand: 2018)

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