· A creation by Saar Magal | New Production

Munich Opera Festival
Saturday, 11. July 2015
07:00 pm – 08:50 pm
Haus der Kunst

Duration est. 1 hours 50 minutes

Young Audience

€ 20,- / 10,- (reduced)

Premiere at 07. July 2015
World premiere

  • Partner der Festspiel-Werkstatt

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Konzept, Choreographie
Saar Magal
Lea Dietrich
Wiebke Schlüter
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit
David J. Levin
Michael Bauer
Haggai Cohen Milo, James Shipp, Mateo Lugo
Miron Hakenbeck

Richard Resch
Frederic Jost
Sopran I
Friederike Mauß
Sopran II
Josephine Renelt
Jasmine Ellis, Adaya Berkovich, Leila Bakhtali, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Elik Niv, Hervé Guerrisi, Shiori Tada, Margaux Marielle-Tréhouart
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The Old Testament book of Judges tells the story of Jephta and his daughter. At the climax of a great battle to defend his land, the newly appointed leader of the people of Israel swears an oath: If God will grant him victory, Jephta will offer him what or whomever should greet him upon his return as a sacrifice. And so it is that as Jephta returns home triumphant it is his daughter who runs to meet him. She respects her father's oath, but requests a grace period of two months in which to withdraw to the mountains with her friends and "weep for her virginity". 

In response to variations on this story of sacrifice, and in dialogue with their musical interpretations - in particular, Giacomo Carissimi's oratorio Historia di Jephte of 1647 - with a troupe of dancers, singers and musicians, Israeli choreographer Saar Magal explores some of the puzzles at the heart of the story: What motive compels the father to remain true to his word? What happens during the two months' grace that the daughter successfully persuades her father to grant? Where do the women go? What happens to them there? Why do they return? Their exploration leads them through a whole spectrum of themes woven into this strange tale: sacrifice and self-sacrifice, faith and devotion, virginity and innocence, ambition, invention, conceit and the public eye.


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Saar Magal studied dance at the Telma Yalin Art High School in Tel Aviv and at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London. 

She won first prize at the choreography competition "On the Way to London". After completing her education, she worked, among others, with the Batsheva Dance Company and the Koldmana Dance Company in Tel Aviv, at the National Theatre Habimah and at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London. Initial collaboration with the producer Krzysztof Warlikowski in 1997 was followed by numerous subsequent projects and, among other works, they jointly staged Hamlet in Tel Aviv, Parsifal at the Opéra National de Paris, Medée at Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels as well as additional productions in Warsaw and Stuttgart. Besides her artistic work, she teaches dance, improvisation and choreography at various dancing schools in Israel. At the Bayerische Staatsoper, she developed the choreography for Warlikowski's staging of Eugene Onegin. Season 2014/15: Concept and Choreography for Jephta's Daughter.

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