Mavra / Iolanta

Opéra comique in one act / Lyric opera in one act

Composer Igor Strawinsky /Peter I. Tschaikowsky | New Production

Thursday, 25. April 2019
07:00 pm

Introductory Event: 06:00 PM

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Premiere at 15. April 2019

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Musikalische Leitung
Alevtina Ioffe
Axel Ranisch
Bühne und Kostüme
Falko Herold
Michael Bauer
Nikolaus Stenitzer
Falko Herold


Anna El-Khashem
Deren Mutter
Noa Beinart
Natalia Kutateladze
Wassili, ein Husar
Freddie De Tommaso


König René
Markus Suihkonen
Boris Prýgl
Long Long
Oğulcan Yilmaz
Caspar Singh
Oleg Davydov
Mirjam Mesak
Noa Beinart
Anaïs Mejías
Natalia Kutateladze
Kinderchor der Bayerischen Staatsoper
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester

Opernstudio der Bayerischen Staatsoper

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Igor Stravinsky: Mavra

The young Parasha's mother is pleased, as she seems to be the perfect replacement for the cook that has just died. Mavra is happy with little wages and asks for little else. But why does she behave so strangely? Is she stealing from the distrustful mother, as she suspects, or do she and Parasha share a completely different secret at the end? 

Stravinsky's Opera is based on the verse poem The Little House in Kolomna by Alexander Pushkin and is a comedic love story built on travesty. The piece from Stravinsky's neo-classical period (the première was in Paris in 1922) nevertheless refers to Russian Romanticism, and even appears at times to let a little ragtime ring out.


Peter I. Tchaikovsky: Iolanta

Princess Iolanta's sadness is based on her intuition: By order of her father King René she is kept from knowing she has been blind from birth. Sequestered for the most part in a remote castle in Provence, she also knows nothing of her noble lineage – but senses that something is being kept from her. With the appearance of the Moorish doctor Ibn-Hakia and two knights with differing intentions, events that will change Iolanta's life on every level begin to happen.

Tchaikovsky's last opera premiered in St. Petersberg in 1892 together with his ballet, The Nutcracker; the piece was first performed at the Bayerische Staatsoper in 1847, and has not been performed there since. Time for a comeback!


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Alevtina Ioffe, geboren in Moskau, graduierte am dortigen Konservatorium. Nach Stationen u. a. beim National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, bei der Helikon-Oper in Moskau und bei der San Francisco Opera ist sie seit 2011 Chefidirigentin und Musikdirektorin des Natalya Sats Musiktheaters für junges Publikum in Moskau. Zudem ist sie erste Gastdirigentin der Staatsoper und des Staatsballetts von Sakha/Russland und Gastdirigentin des Teatro Massimo Bellini auf Sizilien. Beim Victor de Sabata-Dirigierwettbewerb in Trieste gewann sie 2009 den 3. Preis. Gastengagements führten sie u. a. an die Opernhäuser von Oldenburg, Triest, Tiflis, Volgograd und Catania. 2018 gab sie mit Schwanensee ihr Debüt an der Deutschen Oper Berlin. (Stand: 2019)

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