Composer Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Wednesday, 28. April 2021
07:00 pm

Price: 9,90 Euro

Premiere at 26. April 2021

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  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester
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"Intermezzo in a picture" is what Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari called his one-act play Il segreto di Susanna, in which a great drama of jealousy between the Conte Gil and his wife Susanna lightly unfolds. The husband believes that his wife is hiding something from him. He suspects a rival and thus adultery. But the mystery soon dissolves: Susanna merely wanted to hide her nicotine addiction from her husband, since at the beginning of the 20th century it was still considered unseemly for women to smoke.

In 1909, the one-act play premiered at the Munich Hof- und Nationaltheater, at that time still in German translation. Although Wolf-Ferrari was director of the Liceo Musicale in his native Venice at the time, and he did not live permanently in Munich until later, the three greatest successes of the Joseph Rheinberger pupil were premiered here: Le donne curiose (1903), I quattro rusteghi (1906) and Il segreto di Susanna.


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