Sinfonie in C / In the Night / Adam is - UA Barton (2015)

Choreography Jerome Robbins / Aszure Barton / George Balanchine · Composer Fréderic Chopin / Curtis Macdonald / George Bizet

Friday, 05. May 2017
07:30 pm – 09:35 pm

Duration est. 2 hours 05 minutes · Sinfonie in C (est. 07:30 pm - 08:05 pm ) · Interval (est. 08:05 pm - 08:35 pm ) · In the Night (est. 08:35 pm - 09:00 pm ) · Adam is (est. 09:00 pm - 09:35 pm )

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Premiere at 20. December 2015

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Musikalische Leitung
Michael Schmidtsdorff

Sinfonie in C

George Balanchine
Georges Bizet
Colleen Neary

Erster Satz, Solo Paar
Maria Shirinkina, Jonah Cook
Zweiter Satz, Solo Paar
Ksenia Ryzhkova, Erik Murzagaliyev
Dritter Satz, Solo Paar
Elizaveta Kruteleva, Alexey Popov
Vierter Satz, Solo Paar
Prisca Zeisel, Alexander Omelchenko

In the Night

Jerome Robbins
Frédéric Chopin
Anthony Dowell
Jennifer Tipton
Christine Redpath

Elena Mednik
I. Pas de deux
Ivy Amista, Javier Amo
II. Pas de deux
Ksenia Ryzhkova, Erik Murzagaliyev
III. Pas de deux
Prisca Zeisel, Matej Urban

Adam is - UA Barton (2015)

Aszure Barton
Curtis Macdonald
Michelle Jank
Burke Brown
Tobin Del Cuore

Solist 1
Javier Amo
Solist 2
Jonah Cook
Solist 3
Matej Urban
Solist 4
Nicholas Losada
Solist 5
Gianmarco Romano
Solist 6
Erik Murzagaliyev
Solist 7
Alexander Bennett
Solist 8
Nicola Strada
Solist 9
Dukin Seo
  • Ensemble of the Bayerisches Staatsballett
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester
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This evenings' performance presents two milestone works of classical ballet. Sinfonie in C combines the mastery of a young genius, sixteen year old Georges Bizet, and the mature confidence of Georges Balanchine who choreographed this ode to classical dance set to four movements.

The original title Le Palais de Cristal speaks more to the glamour, beaming joy and virtuosity of the piece whereas Sinfonie in C highlights the intellectual clarity and abstract nature of this dance feast while staying true to the language of the danse d’école. This Balanchine gem celebrated its Munich premiere in 1975 and has since involved many generations of dancers and audiences, making every performance shine in a fresh new light.

In the Night is paradigmatic of Jerome Robbin’s oeuvre, who in many ways could be seen as Balanchine’s opposite. Three pairs and four Nocturnes by Chopin - the ballet takes the audience on a journey, paints a vivid image of internal landscapes. Robbins visits the borders of classical dance with his choreography without overstepping them. He is as well-versed in the Broadway world and has an innate understanding of high art paired with impeccable taste - a combination of skills that he was able to combine in his words like no other choreographer of the 20th century.

Aszure Barton created her first work (Concert for Violin and Orchestra) for the Bavarian State Ballet in 2014, a work driven by musicality and the power of emotion that sets the Munich ensemble apart. For this upcoming premiere, Barton will create a piece for an all-male ensemble as a counterpoint to the female dominated Sinfonie in C set to an original score composed bythe Canadian composer, Curtis Macdonald. Barton belongs to a young generation of choreographers that dissolves boundaries between classic art and pure entertainment. She often works and experiments at avant-garde centers such as the Baryshnikov Arts Center while she has been commissioned by classical and modern ensembles around the globe such as The American Ballet Theatre or the Nederlands Dans Theater. Barton has also worked on Broadway, just like Jerome Robbins.


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George Balanchine und Jerome Robbins in München

Eine Fotodokumentation

51 Jahre Aufführungsgeschichte der in der Bayerischen Metropole getanzten Werke von George Balanchine und Jerome Robbins entblättern sich in der angefügten Fotodokumentation. Siebzehn Ballette von George Balanchine und sechs von Jerome Robbins wurden im Lauf dieser Jahrzehnte in München getanzt.

Aus Anlass der jüngsten Premiere im Nationaltheater, die Balanchines Sinfonie in C und Robbins‘ In the Night präsentiert, haben wir in den Fotoarchiven des Balletts der Bayerischen Staatsoper und des daraus hervorgegangenen Bayerischen Staatsballetts gestöbert und Ihnen einen ausführlichen Rückblick zusammengestellt. Er wird dem regelmäßigen Münchner Ballettbesucher sicherlich viele Gesichter wieder vor die Seele rufen. Manche Namen werden felsenfest in Ihrem Gedächtnis eingebrannt sein; manche mögen durch die Jahrzehnte verblasst oder fast vergessen sein. Vielleicht erwachen sie durch die neuerliche Lektüre in der Erinnerung zu neuem Leben.

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Michael Schmidtsdorff was born in Hamburg. He studied conducting in his hometown and in Vienna. After being an assistance conductor at the Hamburgische Staatsoper and the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar he became leading conductor and assistant musical director at the Theater Lüneburg.

In 1998, he conducted at the Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier for the first time and traveled around the world with the company over the years. Since 2002, he worked with the Berliner Staatsballett, the Ballet de l'Opéra Paris, the Ballett der Sächsischen Staatsoper Dresden, the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen and the ballet of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo (together with the Martha Graham Dance Company New York in 2015). Further guest performances led him to St. Petersburg, Japan, San Francisco, Muscat (Oman) and to Cagliari.

Since 2005, Michael Schmidtsdorff regularly conducts performances with the Bayerisches Staatsballett. In February 2017 he accompanied the guest performance of the Bayerisches Staatsballett to Hong Kong.

Repertoire with the Bayerischen Staatsballett

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Brahms-Schönberg Quartett (G. Balanchine)
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A Midsummer Night's Dream (F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy/J. Neumeier)
Sinfonie in C / in the Night / Adam is (G. Bizet/F. Chopin/G. Balanchine/ J. Robbins/ A. Barton)
La Bayadère (L. Minkus/M. Petipa/P. Bart)
Paquita (A. Ratmansky/ M. Petipa)
Terpsichore Gala IX & X (The World of the Ballets Russes, 20th anniversary season of the Staatsballetts)

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