Romantic opera in three acts - 1845

Composer Richard Wagner · Libretto by Richard Wagner
In German language with English and German surtitles

Thursday, 09. May 2019
05:00 pm – 09:45 pm

Duration est. 4 hours 45 minutes · 1. Akt (est. 05:00 pm - 06:10 pm ) · Interval (est. 06:10 pm - 07:00 pm ) · 2. Akt (est. 07:00 pm - 08:10 pm ) · Interval (est. 08:10 pm - 08:50 pm ) · 3. Akt (est. 08:50 pm - 09:45 pm )

Introductory Event: 04:00 PM

Open ticket sales

Premiere at 21. May 2017


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Simone Young
Based on a production by
Romeo Castellucci
Cindy Van Acker
Artistic Consultant
Silvia Costa
Piersandra Di Matteo
Malte Krasting
Marco Giusti
Sören Eckhoff

Hermann, Landgraf von Thüringen
Stephen Milling
Klaus Florian Vogt
Wolfram von Eschenbach
Ludovic Tézier
Walther von der Vogelweide
Dean Power
Peter Lobert
Heinrich der Schreiber
Ulrich Reß
Reinmar von Zweter
Lukasz Konieczny
Elisabeth, Nichte des Landgrafen
Emma Bell
Elena Pankratova
Ein junger Hirt
Anna El-Khashem
Vier Edelknaben
Solist/en des Tölzer Knabenchors
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester
  • Chorus of the Bayerische Staatsoper
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A case of man torn apart by dualism? Matter and mind, physical fulfilment and intellectual aspiration, earthly lust and heavenly transfiguration – for millennia, philosophers and religions have claimed the existence of conflicting principles. 

Tannhäuser, a metaphor for an artist or simply a man on a search, refuses to accept this separation and wanders between these antagonistic worlds. His goal is not to reconcile the contradiction, but rather to negate it with his determination to inhabit all worlds. He searches for answers to his yearning for fulfilment in spiritual mysticism, in love based on Christian teaching or in unadulterated sex. Yet, there is always something missing and his hunger is never stilled. For this reason, Tannhäuser never seems to settle. There is always something driving him further on. His sense of revulsion at himself becomes even greater than his rejection of mediocrity, of all those content to compromise (just as the Wartburg minstrels, with their anaemic art, do), rather than exploiting life's full potential. Tannhäuser is motion with no destination in sight. In the same way, Richard Wagner never seemed able to complete this work, no matter how often it was reworked.


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Simone Young studierte in ihrer Heimatstadt Sydney Klavier und Komposition. Nach Stationen als Chefdirigentin des Bergen Philharmonic Orchestras und als Künstlerische Leiterin sowie Chefdirigentin an der Australian Opera in Sydney und Melbourne war sie von 2005 bis 2015 Intendantin der Staatsoper Hamburg und Generalmusikdirektorin des Philharmonischen Staatsorchesters Hamburg. Darüber hinaus gastierte sie an zahlreichen Opernhäusern, darunter die Wiener Staatsoper, die Opéra national de Paris, das Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London, die Metropolitan Opera in New York und die Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin. Neben ihrer umfangreichen Operntätigkeit dirigierte sie u.a. die Berliner, Wiener und Münchner Philharmoniker sowie das Klangforum Wien. (Stand: 2018)

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