Composer Leoš Janáček. Text by the composer based on Rudolf Těsnohlídek’s serialized novella Die Abenteuer der schlauen Füchsin.

Opera in three acts (1924)

recommended for 14 years and older

In Czech language. With surtitles in German and English language. New Production.

One of the most touching and unsentimental love scenes in opera history takes place not between people, but between two young, erotically inexperienced foxes. Leoš Janáček imbues their encounter with the unrepeatable magic of the first time. His libretto, based on a picture story, tells the story of the young vixen who is caught by the forester, incites the chickens to revolution on his farm before she bites their throats, takes to her heels, drives the badger out of his den, marries the fox, gives birth to an incalculable number of offspring and is finally shot by the poacher.

Does man really deserve the crown of creation? Janáček finds highly suggestive tones for the human in the animal - and the animal in the human.


  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester
  • Chorus of the Bayerische Staatsoper
  • Children's chorus of the Bayerische Staatsoper