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Premiere at 23. December 2023

Composer Johann Strauß. Libretto by Richard Genée after the comedy Le Réveillon by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy in the German adaptation by Karl Haffner.

Operetta in three acts (1874)

recommended from 14 years and older

Coproduction with the De Nationale Opera Amsterdam

In German. With German and English supertitles. New Production.

Introductions take place one hour before the performance (except on the evening of the premiere on 23.12.23) on the first tier in the anteroom to the royal box. 
Limited seating available, duration approx. 20 min.

Live broadcast on 31.12.2023 on STAATSOPER.TV and ARTE.TV

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der

Barrie Kosky affords the “operetta of all operettas” a new look and focuses on its morbid side. The scene is Vienna, city of the golden operetta era, where Die Fledermaus celebrated its world premiere at the Theater an der Wien in 1874. The revenge of the bat becomes a nightmare for Gabriel von Eisenstein and many others. A society, an entire city dances towards the abyss. To take revenge on his friend Eisenstein, Dr Falke, alias the bat, orchestrates a misunderstanding with Prince Orlofsky. A marquis and a chevalier, a countess and budding artists meet here for a raucous party. Glasses clink, relationships are strained, there is loving, lying and dancing. They party ‘til the cows come home, always believing: “Happy are those who forget ...” 


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