Advance booking for september and october 2017 as well as the Ring A (january/february 2017) by phone, at the box office or online, will begin on July 22nd.

Instructions for Online Booking:

  • Please find the seating layout through the Staatstheater's Central Box Office website. You can also book your tickets via the ticket link on the programme, which will be live from 00:00 that night.
  • As a result of the high demand, a waiting room will be opened after a certain number of simultaneous online shoppers has been reached. Whether a waiting room opens or not depends on the level of demand.
  • You can begin “queuing” before 10 am (CET), but you can only book the performance tickets after 10 am (CET). It isn't necessary to refresh the waiting room, but a reliable internet connection is essential. Access through mobile devices is not recommended as a change between networks (from 3G to 2G, for example) or the screensaver can result in an error at the end of the waiting period. We also do not recommend opening several browsers/tabs in one network or using several computers at the same time, as, depending on the network, this may lead to you losing a better place in the queue as well as the queue number increasing.)
  • As soon as it is “your turn”, and you have left the waiting room and entered the shop, you must be active every 12 minutes (for example, clicking F5 for Windows or Cmd+R for Mac OS) – especially if you have already selected your chosen performance in the shop before 10 am (CET), as the shop session will automatically end after 12 minutes of inactivity. Please do not click the “back” button. This may result in you leaving the shop.
  • You can purchase 4 tickets per performance. Just as with the regular online booking conditions, booking is limited to a maximum of 8 tickets per order. 
  • Your selected seats will only be reserved when you have placed them in the shopping basket. Until then, other users can also select the same seats. Secure your seats quickly using the automatic seat allocator.

Instructions for Telephone and Box Office Bookings:

  • Along with online booking, it is also possible to purchase tickets at the Day Box Office (Martstallplatz 5) or by telephone at +49.89.2185 1920 from 10 am (CET). There will be a queue on the telephone as well, before a free member of staff is able to accept your call. If the line is engaged or if your call cannot get through, then this means the waiting list is full. If this is the case, please try again later.
  • You can only purchase 4 tickets per performance at a time at the box office or on the phone. The total number of tickets, however, is not limited.
  • A tip at the end of a long article: it's worth going to the counter at 10 am. That's when the queue is at its shortest.