"How is your German?" - This is the beginning of perhaps the most exciting period of her career for Selene Zanetti, soprano from Italy and new ensemble member of the Bayerische Staatsoper. It is the question that General Director Nikolaus Bachler  asks Selene before offering her the main part for the new production The Bartered Bride, which premieres on 22 December, 2018. The original cast, Christiane Karg, expects a child and can not take over the part anymore. Selene has just completed two years in the opera studio of the Bayerische Staatsoper and has only two months to rehearse the role. It is a tremendous opportunity for the young singer and a great challenge. Follow Selene on her exciting journey from cast change to premiere via the hashtag #SeleneGoesBride and be very close to it when Selene becomes a "bartered bride".

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