Pirouettes, Passions, Platzl 7

Together with BR reporter Gaby Weber, the Bavarian State Ballet has produced a film documentary entitled Pirouettes, Passions, Platzl 7, which looks back on the last three decades of the ensemble. The film lets numerous artists and important personalities in the history of the Staatsballett have their say and follows the era from Konstanze Vernon to Ivan Liška to the current ballet director Igor Zelensky. The filming took place between October 2020 and April 2021 and was made considerably more difficult by the Covid 19 pandemic: not only did the filming schedule have to be overturned and adjusted several times as performance dates changed; due to the travel restrictions, not every desired candidate could be interviewed and filmed. The film therefore makes no claim to completeness of all formative dancer personalities, but nevertheless lets great moments in the history of the Munich ensemble pass in review and also offers fascinating insights into the everyday life of dancers of today's generation. A must-see for everyone who loves ballet!