Updates to the 2020-2021 Season

In the following we have summarized the changes in the ballet schedule resulting from the worldwide Corona pandemic and the new regulations in terms of distance and hygiene that result from it. We also answer further questions in our FAQ or you can contact our visitor communications department directly.

We look forward to your visit! 

New Premiere: PARADIGMA

Paradigma unites three choreographies by Sharon Eyal (Bedroom Folk), Wayne McGregor (Sunyata) and Liam Scarlett (With a Chance of Rain). Just as every paradigma is characterized by its structure, so is each of the three choreographies, where the forces within the choreographies fight the dominant structure and from that gain their creative potential. Both Bedroom Folk and With a Chance of Rain are new works that are presented for the first time at the Bayerischen Staatsballett. 


Tue, 03.11.20 7:30 pm

Sat, 07.11.20 7:30 pm
Wed, 11.11.20 7:30 pm 
Sat, 21.11.20 7:30 pm 
Mon, 23.11.20 7:30 pm

More Details

Both Swan Lake and Giselle will be preformed in an adapted version. The heart and content of the works remain untouched. What is changed is the amount of people on stage, their entrances and exits and the distance between them. For more information see our blog with Head Ballet Master Thomas Mayr (only available in German). 




Wed, 09.09.20 7.30 pm
Fri, 11.09.20 7.30 pm
Fri, 09.10.20 7.30 pm
Sun, 11.10.20 4.00 pm 
Tue, 27.10.20 7.30 pm
Fri, 30.10.20 7.30 pm

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Sat, 19.09.20 7.30 pm
Mon, 21.09.20 7.30 pm
Sat, 26.09.20 7.30 pm
Fri, 02.10.20 7.30 pm


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Cancellations and Postponements

The performances George Balanchines Jewels cannot take place. 
The performances on 6, 21 and 23 November 2020 are replaced by performances of Paradigma.  
The performance on 10 November 2020 is cancelled.