Allegro Brillante

Allegro Brillante is not a narrative ballet – true to Balanchine's philosophy, it is a visualization of Tchaikovsky's music through movement. The small cast, consisting of a principal couple and four male and female corps de ballet members, as well as the fresh, confident American attitude contribute to the popularity of the piece.

  • Choreography George Balanchine
  • Music Peter I. Tschaikowsky
  • World première March 01, 1956, at City Center of Music and Drama in New York
  • Première with the Staatsballett II November 01, 2012, at Nationaltheater Munich

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Pictures at an exhibition

Pictures at an exhibition is an assortment of different point of views on one topic. Art. The pieces portrayed in dance to Mussorgsky’s world famous composition for Piano include artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys and Yves Klein.

  • Choreography Norbert Graf, Ayman Harper, Ivan Liška
  • Music Modest Mussorgsky in verschiedenen instrumentalen Fassungen
  • Costumes Susanne Stehle
  • World première April 13, 2014, at Nationaltheater Munich during the Matinee der Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung 

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Le Corsaire - Pas de Odalisque

  • Choreography Marius Petipa, Ivan Liška
  • Musik Adolphe Adam (Entrée, 3. variation), Cesare Pugni (1. and 2. variation, Coda)
  • Première  26. January 2007 at Nationaltheater Munich 

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DisTanz. Isidora Markovic, Flemming Puthepurayil (Foto Charles Tandy)

DisTanz is the first work of Dustin Klein fpr the Junior Company of the Bavarian State Ballet. It is based on the so called Uncanny Valley phenomenon that Masahiro Mori (a japanese roboticist) described. He refers this phenomenon about acceptation and rejection of humanoid robots to his dancers and their impact on the audience. To reach the necessary alienation, he adixes distance creating, robotic movements to his own dance style.

  • Choreography Dustin Klein
  • Music Georg Vorsamer, Tobias Schmid, Denis Klein, Dustin Klein
  • Costumes Louise Flanagan
  • World première Novemeber 22,  2015, at Nationaltheater Munich

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Intuition Blast

A witty Pas de deux for two men set to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. The subtle parody is created by playing on the presumed incompatibility of the music and subject at hand – which makes the piece a press- and audience favourite!

  • Choreography Ralf Jaroschinski
  • Music Peter I. Tschaikowsky Swan Lake, Waltz from Act I and the little swans from Act II
  • World première March 07, 1998, in Hannover
  • Munich première October 09, 1999, at Nationaltheater Munich

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Jardi Tancat

Jardi Tancat – Catalan for „closed garden“– is based on Catalan folk tales, collected and sung by Maria del Mar Bonet. Three rural couples grieve gently and gracefully over their wasted lives. In this virtuous ballet the influence of Nacho Duato’s paragon and mentor Jiří Kylián is particularly visible. in 1984 Nacho Duato won first prize at the choreographic competition in Cologne .

  • Choreography, Costumes Nacho Duato
  • Music Songs after Catalan legends, composed and interpreted by Maria del Mar (1981)
  • Light Nicolas Fischtel
  • World première December 19, 1983, with the Nederlands Dans Theater
  • Première with the Staatsballett II April 28, 2013, at Nationaltheater Munich

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Lauda. Isidora Markovic

The roots of Lauda, simply structured spiritual compositions, lie in the 13. Century. Gavin Bryars researched these compositions and processed them in his own minimal style for quartet and one vocal artist. 

  • Choreography Norbert Graf and Simone Sandroni
  • Music Gavin Bryars
  • World première November 14, 2014, at Church St. Michael Munich

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Luce. Pauline Simon, Annamaria Voltolini, Isidora Markovic
Uraufführung am 19. April 2015 im Nationaltheater München, Choreographie Ivan Liška, Musik Hugues Le Bars, Julia Wolfe
  • Choreographie Ivan Liška
  • Music Hugues Le Bars, Julia Wolfe
  • Première on 19. April 2015 at Nationaltheater Munich 

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Polychrome Dances

Polychrome Dances. Margarida Neto, Simon Jones (Foto Charles Tandy)

Davide Bombadas choreography for the Bavarian State Ballet II is a tribute to the youth and the wit of the dancers, who open up a kaleidoscope of colours and dynamics to the choreographer by being sprightly, innovative and full of zest for action. This results in a work that is as youthful and diversified as the dancers themselves. The "Füchslein" doesn’t appear in its original stature anymore. It only shows up in the initial lolling, feral movements of the female dancers.

  • Choreography Davide Bombana
  • Music Suite from Das schlaue Füchslein by Leoš Janaček
  • Costumes Susanne Stehle
  • World première November 22, 2016, at Nationaltheater München

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String Quintet

  • Choreography Terence Kohler
  • Music Franz Schubert String Quintet C major, 1. and 4. movement 

Première with the Bayerisches Staatsballett II on 1. Dezember 2013 at the Matinee der Heinz-Bosel-Stiftung at Nationaltheater Munich. 

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Swan Lake - Pas de six

  • Choreography Ray Barra (inspiriert von Marius Petipa)
  • Music Peter I. Tschaikowsky
  • Costumes John MacFarlane 

Première in the Version of Ray Barra on 22. March 1995 at Nationaltheater Munich. 

The New 45

Richard Siegal's The New 45 is a dialogue between the dancers and their bodies, with the music and space, and each other. The comedic texts by Harry Belafonte and the cool, jazzy rythms underline the charming, humorous and vivacious mood created by the dancers.

  • Choreography Richard Siegal
  • Music Oscar Peterson, Clark Terry, Harry Belafonte, Benny Goodman
  • Light Mitchell Bogart
  • World première July 04, 2006, at Athens International Dance Festival
  • Première with the Staatsballett II April 29, 2012, at Nationaltheater Munich

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Three Loves

Three Loves. Isidora Markovic, Carl van Godtsenhoven (Foto Charles Tandy)

Three couples, three pas de deux, three snapshots in time of a relationship. Simply: Three Loves. Maria Barrios created to certain Preludes by Rachmaninow short episodes between a man and a woman, poetic images about being a couple. She lets the ensemble dancing about stirring feelings and daily routine. And again and again single couples get away from it all to the sound of waves rolling ashore.

  • Choreography Maria Barrios
  • Music Sergej Rachmaninov
  • Germany première April 10, 2016, at Nationaltheater Munich

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The Triadic Ballet

Das Triadische Ballett. Nicholas Losada (Foto: Wilfried Hösl)
  • Choreography Gerhard Bohner nach Oscar Schlemmer – 1977
  • Music Hans-Joachim Hespos
  • Costumes Oscar Schlemmer (Remake 1977 by Ulrike Dietrich) in Cooperation with the Academy of the Arts Berlin
  • Staging Colleen Scott, Ivan Liska
  • Pemière with the Staatsballett II June 04, 2014, at Reithalle Munich

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