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With STAATSOPER.TV, the Bayerische Staatsoper is already offering viewers around the world selected performances as free live streams on the Internet in its ninth season. At we present free live streams and video-on-demand offers - available worldwide and without registration. The premiere of Marina Abramovićs opera performance 7 Deaths of Maria Callas will start in the 20-21 season. Further live stream dates will follow shortly.

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STAATSOPER.TV: Season 20–21

THE BIRDS  Live-Stream 

Sun, 8 November 2020, 7 pm (CET)

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7 DEATHS OF MARIA CALLAS  Live-Stream  Video-on-demand 30 days

7 Deaths of Maria Callas: Nadezhda Karyazina (Carmen), Willem Dafoe (Filmdarsteller), Marina Abramović
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7 Deaths of Maria Callas: Leah Hawkins (Desdemona), Marina Abramović
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#BSOathome: Videos-on-demand


Online premiere of the children's opera
A film by David Bösch, Falko Herold and Gordon Kampe


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More Information about STAATSOPER.TV

With STAATSOPER.TV, the Bayerische Staatsoper is already offering selected performances as free live streams on the Internet to spectators all over the world in the eighth season. From four to six cameras in the auditorium of the Bayerische Staatsoper, the performances will be broadcast all over the world on Up to 40 microphones in the orchestra pit and on stage provide first-class sound quality. This season, the videos will also be produced in High Definition (Full HD). The stream will be offered in HD resolution with increased bandwidth to provide even better picture quality. All streams (without subtitles as well as with German or English subtitles) are offered in three different transmission qualities (Low, High, HD). The viewer can freely choose between these three qualities and adapt the transmission to his individually available Internet connection.

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