Audition training strings

Schloss Fürstenried
Schloss Fürstenried
  •  30 April till 5 May 2017
  • Schloss Fürstenried, Munich
  • A course of Bayerisches Staatsorchester



So-Young Kim


Michael Arlt


Andrian Mustea


Benedikt Don Strohmeier


Resonance theory

Thomas Lange

The tutors have been solists of the Bavarian State Orchestra for many years and are experienced in tutoring and playing in an orchestra.

Thomas Lange is a violinist, conductor and founder of the resonance theory, which is a sound movement training to enhance sound quality, mobility and richness in expression. In group and one-to-one lectures body exercices and easy movement while playing are practiced. Precise applications with the instrument for stage presence and well-being during performances are tought. Approaches to a good mental self-organisation are integrated as well. The first aim is to create a positive resonance within the audience, whether it is a concert audience or an audition jury.

Course offer

  • three times private lessons with the instrument
  • group lesson with Thomas Lange
  • studies of established soloconcerts and the most important orchestra parts for auditions
  • audition simulation and filmed auditions
  • individual counsel and search for possible solutions

Additionally there will be the possibilty to attend a rehersal of the Bavarian State Orchestra with Kirill Petrenko for „Tannhäuser“.

Application and information

Target group: music students and professionals

Deadline: 23rd April 2017 (only for viola - all other courses are booked out!)

As groups will be very small, we reserve a selection of attendees based on the CV`s. Please send us your CV together with your application by mail or postal service.

Information Flyer PDF-Dokument

Applicationform PDF-Dokument

Course Fee
€ 700,- aktive 
€ 330,- passive (Accomodation in single rooms; full board included)
€ 370,- aktiv (without accomodation and catering)

By registering it is obligated to pay the € 100 course fee to the Musical Academy (Musikalischen Akademie e.V) account. The registration will only be completed once the fee has been received. If you are on the waitinglist for a event and cannot take part in the course, the full amount will be reimbursed.

Lunch on site € 20,-

Duration: The course starts at 10:00 am on 30th of April 2017 and finishes in the evening of 4th of May 2017 (arrival on 29th of April, departure on 5th May 2017 until 09.30 am). If you arrive on 30th of April, 45 euros will be paid back to you.