Booking Overview

Whether you plan in advance or decide last minute – there are several ways you can buy tickets for our performances. We have summarised the three possible methods for you here:

Ticket booking online
How to book tickets online

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“Written“ Orders (online form, e-mail, post, fax)

You can submit "written" orders via the online form at any time after the programme has been published. Go to our programme and click on the "Tickets" button next to the desired performance and you'll be automatically directed to our booking form until our ticket sales officially open.

You'll receive your booking confirmation by email or, if you haven't given us your email address, by post. The processing of orders starts three months before the respective performance. If demand exceeds the number of tickets available, then tickets will be randomly allocated regardless of when the booking form was submitted. If your written order is not successful, you will be informed before the official start of the ticket sales at our box office.

There is a processing fee of 1.50 € per ticket (from 01.09.2018: 2 €)

Written orders can be sent to us by post, fax or email:

Bayerische Staatsoper Box Office
Marstallplatz 5 
80539 Munich
Fax +49.(0)89.21 85 19 03 

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Online booking

After the "written" orders have been processed, a second quota of tickets will be sold either by phone, the internet or our box office. Online booking begins two months before the respective performance – at 10am via the programme. If the day falls on a Sunday or a holiday, then ticket sales will open on the previous working day. By clicking the “Tickets” button, you will be redirected to the seating plan of the performance in question. There you can select tickets from your chosen category. For particularly popular performances, the Online Waiting Room will activate. This will inform you of your position in the queue and will automatically direct you to the seating plan once you reach the front of the queue. Please note that your tickets will only be secured once you have added them to your basket. You can print your tickets via Ticket-Direct at home.

There will be a booking fee of 1.50 € per ticket for every online purchase. You cannot purchase discounted tickets (exception: DramaPlus) or redeem subscription vouchers online. We do not accept returned tickets or discount tickets that have already been sold. You may purchase and redeem gift vouchers online.

Please be aware of our online booking FAQs

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Box Office and Telephone Bookings

The box office counter and telephone bookings open at the same time as the online sales two months before the respective performance at 10am. If the day falls on a Sunday or a holiday, then ticket sales will open on the previous working day.

There will be a booking fee of 1.50 € (from 01.09.2018: 2 €) per ticket for every online purchase. We do not accept returned tickets or discount tickets that have already been sold.

Bayerische Staatsoper Box Office
Marstallplatz 5
80539 Munich
Tel:  +49.(0)89.21 85 19 20
 Fax: +49.(0)89.21 85 19 03
 Box Office and Call Centre Opening Times
Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm

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Evening Box Office

Bayerische Staatsoper Box Office in the National Theater
Main Entrance
Max-Joseph-Platz 2
80539 Munich
The evening box office opens one hour before the performance begins.

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Advance sale for September and October 2019

The processing of the "written" orders for all performances in September and October 2019 begins on Thursday, 20 June 19. The box office, telephone and online sales begin on Saturday, 20 July 2019.

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Festival 2020 advance sales

First sale of tickets (box office): Sat Jan 18, 2020, from 10 am to 7 pm; one can only purchase category V-VIII. Written orders (categories I bis VIII) will be processed beginning Sat Feb 1, 2020. All orders will by processed by mid-March 2020 at the latest. Remaining tickets can be bought by telephone, e-mail or online from Sat March 28, 2020 on. In case of any questions on our booking system please contact marketing@staatsoper.de.

Festival 2019 advance sales

Written orders – from 1 February 2019!

All orders received until 1 February will be handled with equal importance. You're wondering if we received your order and to what degree we can meet your requests? We'll be happy to answer such questions from mid-March. Based on previous experience, we will have all written orders processed by then.

Can I also order tickets after 1 February?
Of course! The processing begins as soon as all orders that were received before 1 February have been worked through.

Regular sale
The regular sale of all remaining tickets in the seating plan then begins on 30 March 2019 at 10 am at the box office, by telephone and on the Internet.

Please note
We strongly advise you to purchase tickets only at the official ticket agencies (Central Service of the Bayerische Staatstheater, Süddeutsche Zeitung Tickets and Central Ticket Shop). Other platforms do not cooperate with the Bayerische Staatsoper, therefore the validity of these tickets can not be guaranteed by the Bayerische Staatsoper. We specifically want you to avoid overpriced cards on the ebay, viagogo, etc. , these tickets may no longer be valid due to violations of our Terms and Conditions. Please use only our ticket exchange for the secondary market.

Advance booking Ballet Festival Week 2020

Written orders will be processed beginning Mon, Feb 24, 2020. Box office sales, telephone reservations and online bookings for the whole festival start Mon, Mar 23, 2020.

Ballet Festival Week 2019 advance sales

Processing of written orders begins on Friday 11 January 2019. The box office, telephone and online sales for the entire Ballet Festival Week begin on Monday 11 February 2019.

Young Audience – discounted tickets for young people

With performances in the Young Audience program, pupils, students, trainees and volunteer workers under 30 with their corresponding ID can already purchase discounted tickets for €10 each from a limited ticket quota, by telephone and at the box office one day after the telephone and box office sales begin. A maximum of two tickets per entitled person may be purchased. A discounted ticket is only valid together with the corresponding ID, which must be shown with the ticket on admission. All performances will be published and continuously updated here. Register for the newsletter at www.staatsoper.de/newsletter. Orders by telephone incur a processing fee of €2 per ticket.

For pupils, students, trainees and volunteer workers under 30 with the corresponding ID there are also (provided remaining tickets are available) discounted tickets before every performance for €10 at box office, which will be available shortly before the performance begins. You can also purchase standing tickets with a 50% discount from the first working day after box office sales begin.

Ticket sales for the Opera Festival 2018 performances begin on Thursday 29 March 2018 at 10 am
Tickets can also be purchased for performances as part of the Young Audience program and by telephone as well. Two student tickets per person can be purchased. The respective discount entitlement will be checked on admission, so please always bring identification to the performance.

Reduced tickets for young audiences / Under30 (2019/20 Season)

The Bayerische Staatsoper aims at opening its performances to a very broad young audience. Therefore there will be ticket quotas for selected performances offering tickets at a price of € 10,– for people who are younger than 30 years. For detailled information on how you can purchase these tickets as well as a list of the chosen performances please check www.staatsoper.de/u30.

Advance Booking Ballet Festival Week 2018

The processing of written orders will begin on Sunday, 14.01.2018.
 Online, phone and box office bookings for the whole of the Ballet Festival Week will open on Wednesday, 14.02.2018.

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Further Information

Independent ticket vendors:
Süddeutsche Zeitung Tickets (Ticket counter: SZ-ServiceZentrum in the Fürstenfelder Str. 7), ZKV Central Ticket Sales (Marienplatz -1 Level and Stachus -2 Level). Discounted tickets cannot be purchased at independent ticket vendors. We recommend to purchase tickets only at the vendors mentioned here. Other vendors do not cooperate with the Bayerischen Staatstheatern. Therefore we cannot guarantee the validity of the tickets.

Advanced bookings for the new season
Ticket booking for the next season begins, like the usual booking system, three months before the respective performance for written orders and two months before by phone, box office or online. The booking deadline for all performances in September and October for written order is 21 June 2018. The sale online, by phone or over the counter starts at 21 July 2018.

Ticket sales for private events
It is possible to purchase unsold tickets for private events at the evening box office.  

Young audiences
Students, school pupils, apprentices as well as volunteers under 30 can buy standing-only tickets at half price on the first working day after the box office opens. In addition, this is when the tickets for the Young Audience Programme go on sale. You can see which performances are available in the Young Audience Programme here.

For any other performances students, school pupils, apprentices and volunteers under 30 can purchase discount tickets an hour before the performance begins, along with any remaining tickets, for € 10 at the evening box office.

Credit card service
American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa. EC cards are only accepted at the box office counter.

Events for the Friends of the National Theater
Any remaining tickets for Friends of the National Theatre events can be purchased at the evening box office.

Subscription performances
In the case of subscription performances, the number of available tickets in some price categories may be reduced.

Ticket exchange
Individuals may sell their unwanted tickets at the original price via our Ticket Exchange.

Further discounts
Please read more about our Bayerische Staatsoper Discounts here.


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