FAQs online ticket sale

The Bayerische Staatsoper’s new online waiting room.

Online booking opens two months before the respective performance at 10am via the online programme. If the date falls on a Sunday or a national holiday, online booking will begin the day before.

By clicking the “Tickets” button, you will be redirected to the seating plan of your desired  performance. There you can select tickets from your chosen category. Please note that your tickets will only be secured once you have added them to your basket.

For particularly popular performances, the Online Waiting Room will activate. This will inform you of your position in the queue and will automatically direct you to the seating plan once you reach the front of the queue.

Still have questions about our online booking system or the online waiting room? We have summarised the most important points below:

1. When do I have to start queuing?

It’s sufficient to go online shortly before 10am on the first day of sale and click on “Tickets” by the respective performance in the programme. If you click the “Tickets” button before the ticket sale opens, a countdown to the sale will appear on your screen. As soon as the ticket sale begins, you will receive a random queue number – just like everyone else who has been waiting with you before 10am.

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2. Why am I allocated a “random queue number”?

Every person who arrives at the waiting platform before the ticket booking opens is allocated a random number as soon as the sale begins. It’s sufficient for you to be online shortly before 10am. You will find out how many people are in front of you shortly afterwards. This is so everyone has the same chance. All users who access the site after 10am will join the back of the queue. 

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3. Why doesn’t the queue form at 10am exactly, but 15 to 30 seconds later?

At exactly 10am, all users will be randomly placed in a queue. This may take some seconds depending on the level of demand. After 30 seconds past 10am, at the latest, the first users will be redirected to the booking area. 

4. What should I do during the waiting period?

Nothing. You don’t need to refresh the page. You can continue surfing in a parallel tab on your browser. A sound will signal when it is your turn, among other things. 

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5. What happens when it’s my turn?

As soon as it’s your turn, you will be automatically redirected to the seating plan for the performance you’d like to buy tickets for. Please have your email address and password ready for login.

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6. What should I do if I receive the message “You were inactive for too long…” after the waiting period?

In this case, please click on “continue” and choose “Tickets” next to your desired performance. You can then book tickets without having to wait. This error notification appears when you have accessed the countdown site long before online booking opened at 10am, thereby using an outdated shop session. 

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7. Can I book tickets for more than one performance?

Yes, as long as you don’t complete the sale transaction. We would recommend, however, that you first complete the transaction for popular performances before continuing to buy tickets for further performances. If the tickets for the other performance have been on sale for at least a day, you won’t need to queue again. 

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8. How many tickets can I buy online?

You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets per performance. Occasionally, the number of tickets per person is limited further for particularly popular performances.

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9. I missed my turn. What do I do now?

Every user is allocated a specific time limit (15 minutes) where she or he must show activity at the end of the waiting period. If you turn your device’s sound on, you will receive a sound signal even if you have another tab open at the same time. As soon as you exceed the time limit, you must join the back of the queue again.

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10. I must change my internet connection / My internet connection has been interrupted. Will I now lose my place in the queue?

 You will not lose your place even during a short interruption or a change of the internet connection, as long as you use the same link for  the online waiting room.

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11. Will I lose my place as soon as my mobile phone switches to screensaver?

No. Copy the URL while you wait so you can access the same position yourself after the browser has closed. Please note that you only have a limited time at the end of the waiting period to purchase tickets. 

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12. What are the necessary system requirements?

Please make sure that your system accepts cookies from the Bayerisches Staatstheater website and that you do not use any plug-ins as ad blocker.

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13. Why does TicketDirect not work on onsale days?

Usually, if you select „TicketDirekt“ option during online purchase, you can print your tickets at home. In order to reduce black market activities, this option is disabled on the first day of online sales for performances with high demand.

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14. I cannot book my tickets online for various reasons – what other options are there?

As well as online booking, you also have the possibility of purchasing tickets at the day box office (Marstallplatz 5) from 10am or via telephone by calling +49.89.2185 1920. You will have to wait in line on the telephone as well until one of our assistants is available to take your call. If it is engaged or it is unable to connect, then the telephone waiting room is full. Please try again later if this is the case. A maximum purchase of 4 tickets per performance is still applicable both at the box office and over the phone. The number of tickets per sale is not limited. 

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15. When does the online booking for particular performances begin?

Online booking begins two months before the respective performance at 10am. If the booking date falls on a Sunday or a national holiday, online booking will begin the day before. Advance booking for all performances of the 2021 Ballet Festival Week begins on 15 February 2021. Please find Information about the booking for the Munich Opera Festival 2021 here.

Due to the pandemic, the advance booking dates have been postponed. You can find all the latest info here.

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16. What is a „written order”?

You can submit written orders via letter, fax and e-mail for all performances (except closed events) as soon as they are published in the programme. The processing of written orders starts three months before the respective performance. Confirmation of reservation will be sent in writing. If demand exceeds the number of tickets available then tickets will be randomly allocated regardless of when the reservation was submitted. Notification of whether or not the tickets have been secured will be sent out before online booking begins. 

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