For all <30, we offer a wide range of events in addition to €10 tickets for selected performances, aimed at newcomers, but also at our already loyal visitors.  There are afterglows, sneak previews (dress rehearsal visits) with a regular get-together in the canteen of the Residenztheater and the Bavarian State Opera or the Open Stage at the Kulturzentrum Backstage.

Opera for 10 €! For all young adults under the age of 30, we offer discounted tickets at 10 € on all seats for selected performances. 
You can find more information about the 10 EURO TICKETS here.

Free beer after the opera, concert or ballet? That's only available with us. At selected <30 performances at the National Theater, we serve free beer in the Rheingoldbar after the performance, and a DJ ensures a good mood. This attracts not only our employees, but also many artists from the production. This gives you the chance to be close to the artists and to talk to them. The dates of the afterglows will be announced in the <30 newsletter.  

You probably only know the Sneak Preview from the cinema. For us, the sneak preview refers to a dress rehearsal visit to the upcoming premiere, i.e. the new production of the Bavarian State Opera. We give young people the opportunity to see a new production in advance. And it's even free of charge. Afterwards, we invite you to the staff canteen, where you can enjoy the evening and, if you wish, ask questions of those involved in the production. 

Together with the Backstage cultural center, we offer a workshop stage for young people. There is space for cultural and artistic activities, as well as for socio-political exchange. 

Are you interested in this offer?
Then send your request to [email protected]


<30 – Opera for 10 Euro!

Opera is expensive? Not with us!

At the Bayerische Staatsoper, unforgettable evenings with exciting stories and wonderful music await you. No matter if pulsating moves, classical fairy tales or current social topics. The best thing is: You only pay 10 Euros if you are under 30. So, what are you waiting for?

For all young adults under 30. When attending the performance, you have to prove your age with an appropriate photo ID. 


On the first Monday of each month, tickets go on sale for all <30 performances the following month. Advance sales start at 7:00 pm. 
If the Monday is a holiday, the sale takes place one day later.
A maximum of four tickets per orderer:in and performance may be purchased.

Advance booking dates for the 2023-24 season:
Tickets for September and October 2023 are available 24 July 2023
Tickets for November 2023 are available 2 October 2023
Tickets for December 2023 are available 6 November 2023
Tickets for January 2024 are available from 4 December 2023
Tickets for February 2024 available from 2 January 2024
Tickets for March 2024 available from 5 February 2024
Tickets for April 2024 available from 4 March 2024
Tickets for May 2024 available from 2 April 2024
Tickets for June 2024 available from 6 May 2024
Tickets for July 2024 are available from 3 June 2024.


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The ticket price also includes MVV use on the day of the performance.
Standing room tickets for 10 Euros are available for all performances at the box office.
If there are any remaining tickets, you can buy them at the box office for 10 Euro.

Even after the monthly sales date, <30 tickets go on sale every now and then. The best way to keep up to date is to follow our Instagram channel. In the Facebook group you can exchange ideas and hand in tickets if you are spontaneously prevented from attending.

Or you can sign up for our newsletter here and receive regular updates about our <30 program.

Alle <30 Vorstellungen im Überblick


You study at the LMU and are interested in music and culture? Then the exclusive tickets for students are just right for you! The Bayerische Staatsoper provides the 1st tier in the dress rehearsals of each season (both rehearsals for new opera productions and rehearsals of the Bayerische Staatsballett and Bayerische Staatsorchester) with around 200 seats per event exclusively for LMU students free of charge. This allows students to enjoy the unique cultural scene of the National Theater, which inspires with artistic impulses, outstanding productions and socially relevant discourse on a daily basis.

More information on the offer can be subscribed to via the cultural distribution list of the LMU info service.


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