Musical refinement and roaring comedy, „Die schweigsame Frau“ is back


Die schweigsame Frau: Tara Erraught (Carlotta), Elsa Benoit (Isotta)

Die schweigsame Frau: Tara Erraught (Carlotta), Elsa Benoit (Isotta)

Rarely performed and, according to Richard Strauss himself, his only comic opera: Die schweigsame Frau doesn't just come equipped with colourful costumes, dark humour, and a production filled with imagination by Barrie Kosky, but also a huge amount of musical innovation, whether it’s the surprisingly (for Strauss) likeable tenors, the tempestuous overture or the ensemble’s soundscapes. Strauss happily quotes himself, along with other composers like Rossini, or makes his protagonist sing Monteverdi.

This colourful play will be brought to the stage by a fantastic cast: Lars Woldt (Sir Morosus), Okka von der Damerau (the housekeeper), Nikolay Borchev (the barber), Brenda Rae (Aminta), Tara Erraught (Carlotta). Pavol Breslik will sing the part of Henry Morosus for the first time.

What is it about?

Cantankerous outbursts and unpredictable temper tantrums are everyday events in the life of the well-to-do Sir Morosus, who reacts with enormous hypersensitivity to all kinds of sounds and noises, be they bell ringing or the music of an opera troupe ushered in by the unexpected return of his long-lost nephew Henry. He almost beats his housekeeper to death and disinherits Henry for devoting his life to this noisy art form, but the cunning barber and the other members of the troupe cook up a perfidious little farce about an allegedly silent woman for Morosus to marry, but the relationship turns into a nightmare.

Die schweigsame Frau

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Clip from Die schweigsame Frau: „Silentium!“