Alexandra Bertaut

Alexandra Bertaut was born in in Brittany, France. She lives and works in Paris and elsewhere as a costume designer.

To dress to be (or not to be...), the body is the subject and not just a pretext. She works with the following essentials in mind: Identity, individuality, multiplicity, character roles, sociocultural bodies, inward/outward limits. After studying applied arts and fashion, she has collaborated on a host of projects and experiments with, among others, Carlotta Sagna and Caterina Sagna, Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer, Herman Diephuis, Maud le Pladec, Fabrice Lambert, Richard Siegal, Benoît Lachambre and Su-Feh Lee.

She designed the costumes for Siegal's creations of The World to the darkness and to me (Göteborg Danskompani 2013) and Metric Dozen (Ballet National de Marseille 2014). Her first collaboration with Siegal for the Bayerisches Staatsballett is In A Landscape (2015).