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Moving, evocative, romantic, emotional – a visit to the Bayerische Staatsoper can be so many things. But whether it’s the first time or a long-standing and cherished tradition, a visit to the opera is always something special and rarely leaves us unaffected.

Here, we’d like present you our diverse services surrounding your opera, ballet or concert visit. Because we don't just want you to enjoy the performance, we want you to feel good and come back every time.

Do you have any questions or feedback? We look forward to hearing from you:

Visitor Communication
+49 89 21 85 10 25
Our availability: Mon – Fri, 10 am to 6 pm



Most of our performances are staged in the Nationaltheater. The theatre is in the heart of Munich’s old town at Max-Joseph-Platz 2 and about five minutes’ walk from Marienplatz.

Tram 19 or 21, stop “Nationaltheater” 
S-Bahn S 1–8, U-Bahn (tube)
lines U3 or U6 , stop "Marienplatz"
Bus routes 52 or 62 bus, stop “Rindermarkt” 
Bus route 132, stop “Tal” 
U-Bahn (tube) lines U3 or U6, bus routes 100 or 153 stop “Odeonsplatz”

You can plan your journey with public transport via the MVG website.

Bicycle stands are located right behind the Nationaltheater on Marstallplatz.

Approach via the Altstadtring into Maximilianstraße.
MüHoGa parking garage on Max-Joseph-Platz:
Mon – Sat, 6 am to 2 am
+49 89 29 41 87
Costs: € 11 (night rate from 6 pm to 8 pm)


  • Cuvilliés Theatre
    Residenzstraße 1
    80333 Munich
    Entrances via the Residenz courtyard
    Approach as to the Nationaltheater
  • Allerheiligen-Hofkirche
    Residenzstraße 1
    80333 Munich
    Approach as to the Nationaltheater
  • Prinzregententheater
    Prinzregentenplatz 12
    81675 Munich
    Public transport: U-Bahn (tube) U4, bus routes 54, 100, stop “Prinzregentenplatz” 


The Nationaltheater is reached via a ground level side entrance on Maximilianstraße. A lift leads to the stalls and all tiers.
A barrier-free toilet is provided in the 1st tier (accessible from the front and both sides).

Our box office on Marstallplatz is also fully accessible. Please note our information on discounts for disabled people
If your tickets are left at the box office before the performance, due to the steps only disabled people’s companions will be able to pick up the tickets. Please feel free to contact our concierge service in the stalls if you need any help!

The places for wheelchair users are in row 19 in the stalls. There are two places on the right and two on the left. Companions sit in the stalls, row 19 (seats 763 and 762) and row 20 (seats 791 and 792).

You will find parking spaces on Maximilianstraße (in front of the Nationaltheater’s stage entrance) and on Max-Joseph-Platz (in front of the Residenz).

The entire Nationaltheater is equipped with an induction system. You can use it by setting your hearing aid to “T” (telephone).




No opera visit without evening dress or tie? Nonsense! We want you to feel good. For many visitors this means dressing up chic for the special evening. However, there is no official dress code – we look forward to exceptional outfits, as much as we appreciate jeans and comfortable jumpsuits.

See and be seen! A note to all Instagram users: Feel free to tag outfit selfies on our Instagram feed. We’re excited to see your pictures!


Our main entrance  is right on Max-Joseph-Platz at number 2, up the steps of the Nationaltheater. You can also use our ground level side entrance on Maximilianstraße. The entrance to our Freunde-Foyer is at the side of the Nationaltheater on Alfons-Goppel-Straße, right by Marstallplatz.



The catering in the Nationaltheater is provided by Dallmayr, with various bars throughout the entire building, as well as the LUDWIG ZWEI restaurant on the ground floor. Both the bars and the restaurant open for our guests before the performance, welcome you during the intermissions and stay open for our guests after the performances until midnight.

The RHEINGOLDBAR on the ground floor invites visitors to enjoy drinks and snacks. You can find the menu here. You’ll find further bars and buffets in the stalls, on 1st tier and 3rd tier levels, and in the Freunde-Foyer. For further information please feel free to have a look at our Nationaltheater map

The LUDWIG ZWEI restaurant is on the ground floor and along with drinks and snacks, offers full meals. You can find the menu here. 

You can visit the restaurant spontaneously or reserve a table in advance for the intermissions.

Dallmayr Theatergastronomie
+49 89 21 85 12 80 (available on performance days from 1:15 pm)
+49 89 21 85 12 82 (Fax)


Taking photographs, posting pictures and making phone calls are of course allowed before and after the performance and during the intermissions. We offer you the free-to-use BayernWLAN network for this and look forward to our channels being tagged on social media.

We do however ask you to please turn off your mobile phone completely before the performance begins.
Only then can we ensure that no phone noises disturb the performance and other visitors. We also want to make sure that there are no photo, video and audio recordings made during the performances, as we are obliged to protect our performers’ copyrights and personal rights.

Please use the recordings of your visit only for private purposes and observe and respect the rights of third parties. For fire prevention reasons, bringing extensive camera equipment is not permitted (camera case or bag with reflex cameras, tripods, etc.). Should you want to take photographs for commercial purposes, please contact our press office. As audio and video recordings during the performance are expressly forbidden, offences will be prosecuted. Please note that applause is also part of the performance. The performers in question may also invoke rights against you in this respect. Back stage areas such as the stage itself, costume or make-up rooms are covered by ancillary copyright.


Cloakrooms are provided free of charge for you on all floors. On your ticket, you will see the door that leads to your seat. Pleases use the nearest cloakroom to it.

For fire prevention policy reasons, please hand in jackets, coats, umbrellas, large bags etc. to the cloakroom. We also ask you to please understand that we must charge a EUR 10 contribution to expenses should you lose your cloakroom ticket.



Would you like to prepare yourself for the performance, the music and the staging?
We offer you various options to familiarize yourself with our productions’ background information.

Free introductions to the piece and the staging are given by our dramturgs, in the Nationalstheater's Cappriccio Room, shortly before the performance. You can find the dates in our programme.
For the greater part of our productions we offer you videos and audio features on the staging’s themes, the performers, the music and dance history, the composers etc. on our website. You can find these on the respective pages for the piece, which you can reach via our programme.
For this please feel free to visit our Mediathek, our social media channels  or our podcast page www.staatsoper.de/podcast 
Our dramaturgs generally compile programme books for our opera and ballet productions, as well as for our concerts. The programme books provide background texts on the production, the operas’ libretti and pictures of the staging. Programme books can be purchased from the admission staff on duty in the theatre or online in our Operashop.
Who sings, dances, plays the music? We compile a cast list for you, including performer biographies. You can view and download these playbills online in our programme or purchase them in print from the with the service staff on duty for EUR 2 (opera) and EUR 1 (ballet).

Don’t have time to prepare or want to enjoy a surprise or two?
That’s no problem at all. Our performances can of course also be visited without preparation or background knowledge. Each production is accompanied by surtitles in English and German, showing the libretto in real time.  For visitors in the stalls, the surtitles are screened on a board above the stage, in the tiers they are shown on small screens above the seats.


Are you interested in souvenirs, posters, postcards, CDs and other opera fan merchandise? Our opera shop offers all this and more. Visit us before the performance or during the intermission in the Nationaltheater, left of the stalls, or druing the day (Mon – Sat, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) next to the box office at Marstallplatz 5.

You can also purchase our items in our online shop.



The duration of an opera differs: we offer everything, from short one-act performances to multi-hour Wagner epics.
For exact-times, please see the respective piece’s page – you can reach it via our programme.

Of one thing you can be sure – longer productions are never performed without intermissions. These are generally sheduled after an hour and a half at the latest, as the singers, musicians and dancers also have to rest after a certain point. Intermissions are also necessary for stage set changes.

We kindly ask you to leave the auditorium during the intermissions. During this time, you may visit our theatre catering, marvel at the magnificent halls and rooms of the Nationaltheater or even leave the building to enjoy Munich’s wonderful evening atmosphere. When the intermission ends, a bell rings three times, so there's plenty of time to get back to your seat. You can find the number of intermissions and their individual duration on the respective piece’s page or on the playbill. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask our admission staff!



Numerous Bayerische Staatsoper staff members ensure every evening that you have a wonderful visit and that everything runs smoothly. The following services are provided during your performance visit:

Do you have any questions or requests? would you like to purchase a programme book or need any other help? After entering the building through the main entrance, you will find our concierge desk in the room behind the entrance hall. Before, during and after the performance you’ll be helped here with any request you might have.
Our admission staff not only check your admission ticket, they also help you find your seats, offer playbills to purchase and can help you with all matters related to your visit.
To follow the action on stage up close you may want to borrow an opera glass at our cloakrooms for a deposit of 50 euro.
To improve the view for children and smaller people we offer cushions at our cloakrooms for a deposit of 20 euro.
Did you lose or forget something? No problem – our house admin staff keep everything they find in the Nationaltheater safe.

You can reach our house admin staff at the following number:
+49 89 21 85 25 40 / 41 or 42
Availability: Mon – Fri, 9 a.m. to 12 noon



The Nationaltheater holds 2,101 seats and standing places on six floors. To make sure you find the right seat, the corresponding door to the auditorium is written on your ticket. The entrances are signposted. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our concierge service or our admission staff on duty.

You will also find an overview of all seats and standing places online at www.staatsoper.de/saalplaene

The view of the stage can be partially restricted with some seats in the top and side tiers. These places are mostly in the more affordable price categories VII and VIII.

On our aptly named ‘listening-only seats’ and on seats with lamps for reading the score, the view of the stage is completely restricted. These seats are marked separately in the seating plans. You will be informed about potential restrictions when purchasing the places.

Our box office staff will be happy to help you with questions about the view from the respective seats:

The Bayerische Staatsoper Box Office
Marstallplatz 5
80539 Munich
+49 89 21 85 19 20
Hours: Mon – Sat, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.