Simone Endres

Dance education program

Simone Endres got her training as a stage artist (ZAV) in Hamburg in the fields of singing, dancing and acting and was engaged, amongst other cities, in Berlin, Stuttgart, Hannover and Heilbronn. Meanwhile, she completed education programs to become a theatre pedagogue (BuT, Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg) and a ballet teacher (Waganowa, Stuttgart). Therewith, she worked at several ballet schools as well as at the Theatre Magdeburg, the Westfalian State Theatre and with the Young Stage in Ulm. After gaining practical experiences, she shared her knowledge for theatre education at workshops for pedagogues. Since April 2018, Simone Endres works with children and teenagers for the dance education program of the Bayerische Staatsoper and the Bayerisches Staatsballett.

(Information as of January 2019)