Renu Hossain


RENU (Renu Hossain) is a London-born interdisciplinary artist of Bengali origin. She lives in Berlin, London and Granada and works as a composer, producer, tabla player, percussionist and curator. She has worked as a percussionist for Grace Jones and other pop icons. She learned from percussion masters in India, Brazil and Cuba and creates compositions for dance, theater and film. RENU released her album "They Dance in the Dark" at the end of 2017 with great success. RENU is a tabla student of Sri Chiranjit Mukherjee (senior student of Kumar Bose) and follows the classical path of learning "Guru shisha parampara", which can be translated as "master-disciple journey". RENU is currently producing the project Filmy Electronica & Experimental impressions. The sound design of Sakuntala's Ring is based on a sound recording of "La Bayadère" with the Bavarian State Orchestra conducted by Michael Schmidtsdorff.

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