Thierry Leproust

Stage design

Thierry Leproust studied interior architecture, design and sculpture at the École Boulle. In the field of dance, he worked regularly with Angelin Preljocaj, for whom he designed the sets for Amer America (1990), La Peau du monde (1992), L'Anoure, The Firebird (1995), Blanche Neige (2008), Le Sacre du printemps (2001), Le Parc (1994), Casanova (1998) and Le Songe de Médée (2004). He also collaborates with choreographers such as Nadine Hernu, Norma Claire, Patrick Salliot and Blanca Li. For drama productions, he created sets for Roger Planchon, Garance, Simone Amouyal, Marie Hermès and Jacques Rosner. In the field of opera, he collaborates with Christian Gangneron, Philippe Godefroid and Simone Amouyal. As a visual artist, he regularly exhibits his works, which have been included in several public and private collections. In parallel to his work as a visual artist, he has worked as a set designer and chief decorator for film productions since 1983. Sets were created for films by Michel Deville, Roger Planchon, Roger Coggio, Marion Hänsel and Eric Heumann.

(Information as of 2023)