You are still looking for a small attention or want to give away a whole evening full of emotions? Then we have just the right thing for you! Our gift subscriptions offer three varied evenings at the Bavarian State Opera without planning stress.. With a gift voucher, the recipient can freely choose whether it should be an evening of ballet, concert or opera. Or you can simply browse a bit in our opera store. No matter what you choose, moments in our house are sure to remain eternal memories.

Gift vouchers

Give the gift of exciting stories, great emotions and wonderful music - with a voucher from the Bavarian State Opera. Because: opera and ballet enchant, fascinate, transport you to other worlds, make you think and touch your heart. You are free to choose the amount and thus leave the agony of choice to the presentee. We have summarized a few examples of what the presentee can treat himself for the voucher.

  • Voucher in the amount of 30 €: a seat in category 6 for Die Fledermaus, a sustainable laptop bag made of Opera for All banners, a seat in category 5 for Passages, three tickets for a guided tour of the National Theatre
  • Voucher in the amount of 50€: a seat in category 4 for the 500 Years of the Bavarian State Orchestra ceremony, a side seat in the balcony for the opera Eugene Onegin, a fluffy Apollon hoodie
  • Voucher in the amount of 100€: two tickets in the stalls for the 4th Academy Concert, a seat in category 3 for the opera I masnadieri
  • Voucher in the amount of 150€: two seats in category 6 for the premiere of Aida, two seats in the stalls for the ballet Cinderella

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Gift subscriptions


With one of our lovingly put together gift subscriptions, you give the gift of three unforgettable evenings that provide an insight into the diverse program of the house. You can choose from two packages focusing on opera, one combining the three divisions of the house, and two devoted entirely to the Bavarian State Ballet. For those under 30, there is once again a separate subscription package with opera, concert and ballet.

The special feature this year: for the first time, we are offering a three-house subscription. With one performance each from the Gärtnerplatz Theater, the Residenz Theater and the Bavarian State Opera, you can get a taste of the diversity of Munich culture.

Exclusively for Christmas: The Yes, May package

Get exclusive advance tickets for the new edition of Ja, Mai - the festival for early and contemporary music theater and save 20% in the package (valid for the performances Hanjo on Fri, 12.05.23 and Il ritorno / The year of magical thinking on Tue, 16.05.23)

Gift subscription sales will begin at 10 a.m. on Nov. 19, 2022.


Gift ideas

Still looking for the perfect gift for the Advent calendar or under the Christmas tree? Let us inspire you - from wine glasses, to unique bags made from the old opera for all banners, to the award-winning releases of the in-house label Bayerische Staatsoper Recordings.