Lecture in German: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Marie-Claire Foblets, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Ethnological Research, Halle (Saale).

Does diversity threaten our democracy?


Waiting to see each other again - What do we hold on to in changing times?

Science and art come together in the theme concerts co-hosted by the Max Planck Society and the Bavarian State Opera. The evenings are dialogues between two expressions of the human urge to explore, in the form of lectures from basic research and music for chamber ensembles and similar instrumentations. The three programs of the 2022 - 23 season relate to the season's theme Songs of War and Love as much as to the theme of waiting and expecting that underlies this year's festival Yes, May. Three Max Planck Scholars:in from different disciplines approach these themes, and the music focuses on composer Toshio Hosokawa, whose opera Hanjo will be performed in May.


The project of a democratic, liberal, open and pluralistic society is an ambitious and at the same time difficult undertaking, whose implementation in practice is accompanied by conflicts of interests and values. Opinions differ widely on the degree of openness and respect due to diverse lifestyles and philosophical or religious beliefs, as illustrated by examples from legal practice across the EU, where not only courts but also administrations and legislatures are confronted with diversity issues. With a little creativity, reasonable solutions can be found, which, however, differ depending on the constitutional framework of the respective country.

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