Composer Richard Whilds. Based on the picture book by Rolf Fänger and Ulrike Möltgen.

Musical theatre for children aged three and over (2021) Music by Richard Whilds and from Frau Luna, Der Mond, Rusalka, among others

In deutscher Sprache.

The picture book by Rolf Fänger and Ulrike Möltgen tells of friendship, owning, sharing and letting go. The music spans from well-known repertoire of opera history to works by the contemporary composer Richard Whilds. At the same time, the world of opera is opened up to the youngest audience members through a touching story.

Malte Krasting has been dramaturge at the Bavarian State Opera since 2013 and created the concept based on the children's book Der kleine Mondbär (The Little Moon Bear), together with Catherine Leiter, who has been responsible for the Kind & Co section since the 2021/22 season. Viennese director Sarah Scherer has already co-directed numerous children's plays at Dschungel Wien, and is herself an actress, choreographer, and film and opera director. Katharina Ravlic is assistant stage designer at the Bavarian State Opera. The team is working together for the first time.

Pre-sale of free tickets will begin at 10 a.m. on March 16, 2023.