Composer Georg Friedrich Haas.

For 10 instruments to be performed in complete darkness. World premiere 2019

Only in the dark comes the pain.

In his work Solstices, composed in 2018, Georg Friedrich Haas continues his exploration, begun in the compositions Adolf Wölfli, in vain and Koma - alongside Thomas and Bluthaus, the third opera in the Schwetzingen Trilogy - as well as in his 3rd String Quartet, of the possibilities and diverse facets of making music and being a musician together in the dark. However, darkness is not a momentary absence of light in this 75-minute piece; rather, it becomes the very center of the composition, which is played entirely in complete darkness, offering intense listening experiences as well as sensory adventures. London-based ensemble Riot premiered the piece at Nordic House in Reykjavik in 2019 and is now bringing it to Munich's Volkstheater as part of Ja, Mai, in conjunction with a lecture on the magic of black holes.

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