A film by Händl Klaus

The joint suicide of three friends - with no apparent motive, no suicide note - shakes a small Tyrolean community. März, Händl Klaus' first feature film, seeks to get close to the relatives, who find themselves in an everyday life that has not changed outwardly. What motivated the three deceased to take this step cannot be said,. And yet everything in the village reverberates about it. Assigning blame leads nowhere: one forms a community of fate. It can only be stated that "one can leave," according to Markus, one of the fathers. What remains are attempts at such determinations: Glimpses; half-images of a now helpless everyday life that was once reliable. This everyday life has to be lived, with the ever-lurking rift at the back. While one wants to break away from mementos, another holds on to them. The younger ones seem to find it easier; the pain fades over distances - at least that's how it looks: The death wagon is repaired and driven. An old school notebook turns up, revenants, and last: the older brother visiting his mother. A birthday cake is baked. One of the siblings decides to study. Tears and last hugs, and non-hugs.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Isolde Ferlesch, Julia Strauhal, Florian Eisner, Ilse Kuen a.o.
Director: Klaus Händl
Country: Austria
Year: 2008
Length: 84 min
FSK: -